Mr. M.S.A.Barie

Office Address: 

Department of Arabic & Islamic Civilization,,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.




Personal Website: 
  • Born in 1963 in Yatiyantota, Sri Lanka completed primary education in Yatiyanthota and Kahatagastigiliya and Secondary education in Beruwala, a B.A Degree and Postgraduate Degree (M.Phil) at the University of Peradeniya, married and four children & sports; Foot Ball
Educational Qualifications:
  • B.A.(Hons) and M.Phil (Peradeniya) and Licentiate Certificate in Arabic & Islamic Studies & NIIS, Beruwela
Appointments (Selected) :
  • Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department, Department of Arabic and Islamic Civilization, University of Peradeniya.
  • External Examiner, University of Colombo, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka & Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • Chief Examiner, G.C.E A/L Department of Examination, Sri Lanka
  • Resource Person, National Institute of Education, Maharagama
Memberships & Awards :
  • President, Secretary & Executive Member of Alumni Association of Naleemiah Institute of Islamic Studies.
  • Member of Advisory Board of Religious Education, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
  • Member, Board of Curriculum Development, Kal-Eliya Ladies Arabic College & Fatih Institute of Islamic Studies, Thihariya
Research Intersests :
  • Islamic history & Islamic Jurisprudence
Research Publications :
  • The Role of Arabic Madrasas (Institutions) in the Socio-Cultural Renaissance of the Sri Lankan Muslims . An Unpublished thesis - University of Peradeniya . 2001
  • Third Caliph Uzman (Rali) allegation levels against him and its Reality, published in the Magazine Islamiya Chintanai, Naleemiah Islamic publications Bureau, Beruwala.
  • Soora and its Significance in the Islamic Society , published in the magazine An- Nahdha, Department of Arabic and Islamic Civilization, University of peradeniya.
  • Syllabi of Arabic Madrasas (Institutions) of Sri Lanka and Methods of teaching, published in the magazine Rabitha A- Naleemiyyeen, Box No 01, Beruwala-2004
  • Ethnic Unity and Religious Tolerance in the Muslim Society, published in the Magazine Al Insirah. Muslim Majlis, university of Peradeniya- 2007
  • Origin of Islamic Bank and its structure , Published in the Magazine Al Insirah, Muslim Majlis, University of Peradeniya-2006
  • Arabic Educational Institutions and proposed changes , Published in the Al –Islah Magazine, Muslim Majlis South Eastern University of SriLanka-2010
Other Credentials :

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