R.M.M. Chandraratne

Office Address: 

Department of Archaeology,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.



Personal Website: 
  • R.M.M. Chandraratne, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, had obtained his BA hounors degree in Archaeology. He afterward gained MA and PhD in India and spent a sabbatical in the UK and attends workshop, seminars, and conferences national and international level
Educational Qualifications:
  • BA (Peradeniya), MA ( Poona ) and PhD (Pune)
Appointments (Selected) :
  • Head, Department of Archaeology, 2008 - 2013,
  • Fellow of Sri Lankan Council of Archaeologist ( FSLCA ),
  • Member of the Board Management of Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR- 2008), )
  • Member, subject committee: Archaeology, University Grant Commission,
  • Member, Advisory group on Palaeo-biodiversity Programme, Ministry of Environment
Memberships & Awards :
  • Member, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, Member, Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies, ( ISPQS ) and Member of International Council for Archaeozoology ( ICAZ ) 1998-2009; The South-Asia Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship: the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London , University of London. 2006; an award from the University Grant Commission (PGIAR) and Ford Foundation to the University of Pune 1991-1996; a fellowship from the Ford Foundation to University of Poona: 1986-1988
Research Intersests :
  • Zoo-archaeology, prehistoric archaeology, Early Iron Age and historical archaeology, environmental archaeology, ethno-archaeology and theoretical archaeology
Research Publications :
  • 2010 History of Environment in relation to the Tooth Relic ( Dalada Vahanse Ashritha Parasarika Itihasaya ), Pujaniya Dalanda Sanskrutiya 2010 (Ed. H.M.D.R. Herath) A Publication of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Animal Production, Youth Affairs, Agrarian Services and Fisheries, Central Provincial Council, pp. 58-65.
  • 2005 Identification of Ancient Cattle Breeds in Sri Lanka ( 800 BC-700AD). Essay in hounor of Prof. H.T. Basnayeke. (Eds. Prishantha G. and R. Conningham). Godage International Publishers, Colombo .
  • 2003 Extinct Gaur ( Bos gaurus ) in Sri Lanka : An Interpretation on Osteological Evidence from the Citadel of Anuradhapura (in Sinhala), Sambhavana 2-1, 2001(2003).
  • 1999 Some Reptile bones from the Gedige Excavation in 1985, the Citadel of Anuradhapura. Lyriocephalus Journal of Amphibia and Reptile Research Organization of Sri Lanka 3(2): 1 pp 7.
  • 1990 The Begging Bowls with Reference to the Vinaya Literature. Ancient Ceylon No.09 Archaeological Department, Sri Lanka .
Other Credentials :

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