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Educational Qualifications
  • PhD : PGIA, University of Peradeniya
  • M.Sc. : Norway
  • M.Phil. : Peradeniya
  • B.A. : Peradeniya
Research Interests
  • Poverty and Microfinance
  • Issues of Development in Developing Countries
  • Development Planning
Research Publications


  • Project planning and Appraisal (in Sinhala), (2008), Ariya Publishers, Warakapola, ISBN
  • Project Planning and Appraisal (2008), Nethwin Print, Peradeniya, ISBN


  • An Introduction to Theory and Practise of Financial Liberalization and Economic Growth, Sambhawana, Volume 4. Number 2, July-December 2008 (January-June 2010). Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya
  • Financial Structure in Sri Lanka and Economic Development, Economic Review, Volume 23, Number 9, December 1997. People’s Bank, Colombo 2
  • Characteristics of Seettu System (ROSCAR) in Sri Lankan Informal Money Market, Economic Review. Volume 23, Number 06 and 07, September/October 2000. People’s Bank, Colombo 2


  • Small Loans, Great Expectations: Microfinance and Women Empowerment
  • Impact of Microfinance on Poverty and Vulnerability
  • Effectiveness of Credit Plus Service Approach of Microfinance
  • Access to Microfinance for Rural Households in Dambulla, Sri Lanka
  • Women and Microfinance in Globalizing Economy
  • A Literature Review of Savings and Financial Liberalization in Less Developed Countries


  • A Review of Market Economy, Multinational Institutions, and Attempt of Economic Development in Sri Lanka In. eds. O.G. Dayarathna Banda, J.M.A. Jayawickrama, A. Abhayarathne and M.B. Ranathilake, Sri Lankan Economy: Liberlization and Development Pathfinader Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 2008. PP. 235-250.
  • Agriculture Marketing under the Market Economy Regime in Kelegama, S. and D. Gunewardena (eds.) Economic and Social Development under a Market Economy Regime in Sri Lanka, Buddhadasa Hewavitharana Felicitation Volume 2, 252-267, Colombo, 2011: Vijitha Yapa Publications (jointly with M.B. Ranathilake)


  • Impact of Financial Reforms on Savings in Sri Lanka 1977-1994, MPhil Thesis, Unpublished, 2000.
  • Determinants of Crop Diversification During Dry Season (Yala) in Dry Zones of Sri Lanka, A case study from Dambulla Division. MSc. Thesis, Unpublished 2002.
  • An Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Foreign Debt in Sri Lanka, BA Dissertation, Unpublished, 1992.


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