Dr. M.B. Ranathilaka

Senior Lecturer


Email malakalk1967@yahoo.com, malakalk2012@gmail.com
Tel +94 (0)81 239 2622
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Educational Qualifications
  • Ph.D. : Japan
  • M.Sc. : Japan
  • M.Phil. : Peradeniya
  • B.A. : Peradeniya
Appointments (Selected)
  • Department coordinator for the Implementation of New Software System, Faculty of Arts
  • Webmaster, Faculty of Arts
  • Senior Student Counselor, Faculty of Arts.
Visiting Appointments
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Memberships & Awards
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship under the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 –EXPERTS at University of Santiago De Compostela, Spain with effected from 13/09/2011 to 12/07/2012.
  • *Member of the Board of Directors, Polipto Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. with effect from 21/6/2010
  • *Member of the Board of the Management, Sri Lanka Foundation Institute with effect from 31/5/2010.
Research Interests
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Research Publications (Selected)
  • Ranathilaka, M.B. 2012. “Agricultural Policy and Ethnic Conflict in Sari Lanka” a paper presented at the Waseda Seminar and Lecture on Development Economics, Waseda University, Japan, March 20th to 24th 2012.
  • Ranathilaka, M.B. 2011. “Agriculture Marketing under the Market Economy Regime” in Kelegama, S. and D. Gunewardena (eds.) Economic and Social Development under a Market Economy Regime in Sri Lanka, Buddhadasa Hewavitharana Felicitation Volume 2, 252-67, Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications (jointly with H.M.W.A. Herath)
  • Ranathilaka, M.B. “Characteristics of Poor and Factors of Poverty Determination in Developing Countries: Introduction of Theoretical and Empirical Facts” in Sambawana (in Sinhala), University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Arts, November 2010, pp 23-40
  • “Government Fertilizer Subsidy and Agricultural Development”, in Haraumaka Arabuma (in Sinhala), Department of Government Information, Colombo, Page 34-53, November 2010. (Remove this if necessary)
  • Ranathilaka, M.B. “Sense and Nonsense of Rice Price Control in Sri Lanka”, Department of Economics and Statistics working paper. Available only at www.arts.pdn.ac.lk/econ. (joint with Dr. O.G. Dayaratne Banda and Dr. J.M.A. Jayawickrama).
  • Ranathilaka, M.B.,”Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Sector Performance under the Open Economic Environment in Sri Lanka”, a paper presented at the Symposium on the Impact of Free Trade Resume for Agricultural Sector in Asia, United Graduate School of Kagoshima University, The Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics Society of Japan, March 2008.
  • Ranathilaka, M.B., “Subsistence Agriculture Sector: Government Policy, Performance and Future Challenges in The Sri Lankan Economy”, Liberalization and Development, 2008.
Other Credentials
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Consultancy Reports
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