Master Philosophy in Education (M.Phil)


M. Phil. (Ed) is a research degree. The duration of the course is two years. The objective of the courses is to promote the professional development of teachers. The teachers are expected to obtain study leave two years respectively. 

Course Structure.

Master of Philosophy degree is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 42 credit points and the thesis.  Thirty six credit points must be obtained from course work, six credit points from guided research and another six points from an independent project. The first three semesters will be devoted to course work, assignments and the final examination. The third semester will be devoted to the independent project. Every student has to take six courses during each semester and each course carries two points.  The six points earned from guided research will be course related.  The course lecturer has the freedom to decide on the criteria or the type of research paper that is expected from the particular subject area.

In the second year the student is expected to work on the thesis, the topic of which has to be approved by the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee. The student will work under a supervisor appointed by the Department.

Compulsory Courses
The Research Methodology course is compulsory for the all candidate registered for the M.Phil.(Education) degree.

Credit and non-credit courses.

Admission requirements.

M.Phil .(Ed) Entry requirements.
Basic degree with a class and distinction pass in the postgraduate Diploma in Education. M.Ed  one year post graduate degree. (Entry requirements may vary depending on the applicants).

Changing of courses must be done within the first two weeks of the first Semester.

M. Phil. candidates are also expected to follow the above courses and obtain 24 credits.  In addition, they are required to obtain 12 credits out of courses mentioned below.

MPH 701 Research methodology       30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 702 Management in Education   30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 703 Sociology of Education     30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 704 Comparative and International Education 30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 705 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 706 Educational and Developmental Psychology 30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 707 Philosophy of Education  30 hours - 2 credits
MPH 708 Curriculum Studies 30 hours - 2 credits
MDE 709 Principles of Guidance and Counseling in Schools 30 hours - 2 credits

MPH  710 Thesis

This would consist  of  independent an original work by the student with words in the region of 50,0000 to 60,0000.