The French programme of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Peradeniya strives to give students a strong foundation in all aspects of French language and culture by offering an integrated course in the language, society, literature and thought of France from the medieval period to the present day.

At the core of our three year work programme is the French language, conceived as a skill to be mastered, an object of study in its own right, and as a gateway to the rich culture of France and francophone countries.

The programme touches upon four areas of language competence: listening, speaking, reading and writing; it includes a revision of basic grammar points and goes on to develop and refine grammatical knowledge. Oral skills continue to be developped throughout the three year programme and are sharpened through structural and phonetic exercises.

Reading comprehension, enrichment of vocabulary, and idiomatic French are developed through the study of texts. Listening comprehension and spoken French are developed with the contribution of native French speakers. Students will practice written expression in compositions on a variety of topics. They will also discover, through pictures and texts, important personalities of the Francophone world ( Le monde francophone), cultural and historical events.
Our Department provides thorough coverage in the traditional, historically based divisions of French literature and culture, as well as in francophone literatures. The aims of this programme are to enable students to acquire and develop

  • a range of critical and analytical skills
  • an understanding of critical concepts and the ability to apply them
  • a comprehensive study of the differences between major literary genres
  • the ability to read, study and appreciate a selection of major literary texts from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The course will not assume any prior knowledge of French literature. The three year programme includes a survey of authors, literary movements, genres, and trends of thought from the Middle Ages to the present.
Major works are read in complete form or excerpts; placed in historical/cultural contexts. Emphasis is given on close readings of texts, and writing critical papers.

Our programme provides an opportunity to gain valuable intellectual training within the context of a closely focused study of the culture and the history of a nation whose influence has played and continues to play, a defining role in European and world affairs.

Our aim is to equip our graduates with the qualities for which employers in all sectors are expressing the need in the fields of education, international relations, marketing, tourism and business.

All courses are conducted in French using a modern, student centered, interactive approach and encourages the student to develop skills in Research based learning.

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