Dr. Senath Walter Perera

Office Address: 

Department of English,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.

+94 81-239-2543
Personal Website: 
  • Walter Perera , Senior Professor in English, had his primary and secondary education at Trinity College Kandy before completing an honours degree in English at the University of Peradeniya . He subsequently obtained his MA and PhD in Canada . He has spent two sabbaticals in the US besides travelling extensively overseas to judge literary awards and to attend, workshops, seminars, and conferences
Educational Qualifications:
  • BA (Cey.), MA , PhD ( New Brunswick ) Canada
Appointments (Selected) :
  • Head, Department of English 1992-1998; Editor Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities 1996-; Senior Student Counsellor 1996-8; Member, Board of Management, PGIE 2009-; Member, UGC Standing Committee (English) 2008
  • Academic Consultant, South-Eastern University of Sri Lanka (1997)
Memberships & Awards :
  • Member Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka; Trinity College Kandy Prize for Education 2008, Awarded by TCK, OBA; 2005 Fulbright Advanced Research Fellowship to Cornell University 2005; Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to Virginia Tech 1995; Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship 1985-91
Research Intersests :
  • Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature (With Special Reference to Indian, Kenyan, and West Indian Literature in English) The Sri Lankan Expatriate Novel; Comparative Literature; Sri Lankan Literature in English
Research Publications :
  • Critical Introduction to and Bibliography of Sri Lankan Writing in English for 2009 Journal of Commonwealth Literature 45.4 (2010) 693-703.
  • “Dismissive Diaries, Desiccated Journeys and Reductive Fictions: Sri Lanka in the Writings of Donald Friend, Shiva Naipaul and Julian West” Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing Special Issue on South Asia 10.1 (2009): 82-106.
    Expatriate Expressions: Shyam Selvadurai, Swimming in the Monsoon Sea; Channa Wickremesekera, Distant Warriors” The Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities XXXII (2006): 207-15.
  • “Criticism in Africa: The Hostility and Contradictions Continue.” The Writer as Myth Maker: South Asian Perspectives on Wole Soyinka. Ed. Bernth Lindfors and Bala Kothandaraman. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2004. 232-42.
  • "The Colonial Officer/Settler: A Recurring Figure in Ngugi's Fiction." The Writer As Activist: South Asian Perspectives on Ngugi wa Thiong'o . Ed. Bala Kothandaraman and Bernth Lindfors. Trenton, New Jersey & Asmara, Eritrea: Africa World Press, 2001. 61-72.
  • “The Perils of Expatriation and a ‘Heartless Paradise’: Romesh Gunesekera’s The Sandglass: Commonwealth: Essays and Studies 22.2 (2000):93-106.
  • "Some Responses to Colonial/Neocolonial Education in In the Castle of My Skin, Petals of Blood, and Funny Boy "World Literature Written in English 37. 1&2 (1998): 242-262.
  • "Images of Sri Lanka Through Expatriate Eyes: Romesh Gunesekera's Reef" Journal of Commonwealth Literature 30.1 (1995): 63-78.
  • "Towards a Limited Emancipation: Women in Kanthapura." Ariel: A Review of International English Literatures 23.4 (1992): 99-110.
Other Credentials :
  • Chairperson, Commonwealth Writers Prize (Eurasia) 2002 and 2003,; Chair , Gratiaen Trust, 2010-; Chair SLACLALS 2010-; Bibliography Representative (Sri Lanka), Journal of Commonwealth Literature 1995-; Member, Advisory Committee DSC Prize for South Asian Writing 2010-; Controlling Chief, National Board of Examiners (English) GCE Advanced Level Examination 1995-8

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