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The Inauguration ceremony of the “Certificate Course in Geography for School Teachers was heldon October 15th , 2011 at the Geography Theater. This is a program supported by the Provincial Ministry of Education of the Central Province to equip the school teachers who teach geography from Year 6-13 with the with the latest knowledge in Geography. This year over 100 school teachers from the schools in the Central Province were nominated by the Provincial Department of Education to follow this 20 week long 8 credit course. The lectures are held on Sundays at the Geography Theater. Dr. Tilak Bandara is the Coordinator of the Certificate Course.

Introduction to the Certificate Course

Geography, which provides both national and global literacy, has now been recognized as a compulsory subject from Grade 6 to Grade 11 at the school level. However, the Department of Education has experienced a dearth of qualified teachers to teach geography at these levels and this situation is likely to deteriorate further with the retirement of some teachers in the near future. To remedy this problem, the Provincial Ministry of Education has requested the Department of Geography, University of Peradeniya to develop a Certificate Course for School Teachers. Initially, the Provincial Ministry of Education will finance the Certificate Course.

Aims of the Certificate Course

The aims of the Certificate Course in Geography are as follows:
1. To expose the teachers to the latest knowledge in Geography.
2. To increase their national and global literacy in Geography.
3. To develop the skills needed to teach geography in an increasingly globalizing world.
4. To inculcate the right attitudes to appreciate the subject content of Geography and its potential contribution to build a better, peaceful and tolerant society and a sustainable planet.


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