Prof. P. Wicramagamage
Associate Professor 

Office Address: 

Department of Geography,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.




Personal Website: 
Educational Qualifications:
BA (Hons) Sri Lanka, MSc and PhD London
Appointments (Selected) :
Memberships & Awards :
Life Member (Soil Science Society) Life Member (Geological Society of Sri Lanka)
Research Intersests:
  • Geomorphology
  • Environmental Change
  • Climate
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
Research Publications :
  • Wickramagamage, P. et al. (2007) Preparation of a zoning plan for the Madu Ganga special management area. Peradeniya University Research Session, Vol.12, No. II.
  • Wickramagamage, P. et al.(2012). A comparative study of elevation data from different sources for mapping the coastal inlets and their catchment boundaries. Journal of the national science foundation.
  • Wickramagamage, P. (1998). Large scale deforestation for plantation agriculture in the hill country of Sri Lanka and its impacts. Hydrological Process.
  • Wickramagamage, P.(2010). Seasonality and spatial pattern of rainfall of Sri Lanka: Exploratory factor analysis. International Journal of Climatology.
  • Wickramagamage, P. (1986). Characterization of soil profiles for numerical classification. Journal of the National Science Council.
  • Wickramagamage,P. ‘Buddhism and Environmental Conservation in Sri Lanka: A Critical Perspective’ In Holt,J.C and Meegaskumbura,P.B.(eds.) Identity and Difference: Essays on Society and Culture in Sri Lanka.
  • Wickramagamage, P.(2008). Geographical knowledge in ancient Sri Lanka. Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures.
  • Wickramagamage, P. (1990). A man’s role in the degradation of soil and water resources in Sri Lanka: A historical perspective. Journal of National Science Council.
Other Credentials :

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