Name: Sumudu Manori Dharmarathne


Office Address: 
Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya

0812236236 / 075-0106533

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Sumudu Manori Dharmarathna was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka. She has completed her primary education in Matale and Kandy before graduating with a BA in History from the University of Peradeniya. She has completed her Master of Philosophy from the same University. She is reading for the Doctoral studies at the JNU, India with the research of History of Buddhism and Buddhist Culture. She is married and has a son
Educational Qualifications:

B.A. (Hons.) First Class, University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka

Master of Philosophy in History, University of Peradeniy
Appoinments (Selected)
Assistant Lecturer (Temporary) -     From 10-06-1995 to 31-03 -1998      Lecturer  (Permanent) -    From 31-03 -1998  to  31-03-2003       
Senior Lecturer  grade ii            -      From 31-03-2003
Part – time senior student counselor for the yearr 2004,  University of Peradeniya
Academic Sub-Warden, Hall of residence, University of Peradeniya (1995-1999 Feb.)
Visiting Appointments


Memberships & Awards

Member of the Sri Lanka Historical Association.

F.H.M.Corbett Prize for Ceylon History, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

University Scholarship for Highest Competence at the Final Degree Examination in 1995.

Asoka Prize for History-1995

Mabel Jayasuriya Prize for History (Highest Competence in Sri Lankan History)- 1995.

Keynote/Invited Papers:
Research Interests:
South Asian history, Cultural atudies
Research Publications (Selected)

1)  Presented a paper on “Sources pertaining to the Ancient Legal System in Sri Lanka”
 att the monthly seminar of the Curia Historica, University of Peradeniya, December 1994.

2)  Presented a paper entitled “Pallava influence on the Evolution of the Sinhalese Script from 4th Century A.D. to the 9th Century A.D.” at the Multi-International Conference, held at the University of Peradeniya in February 23-25, 1998, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Independence of Sri Lanka.

3)  Presented a paper entitled “Pallava influence on Sinhalese Architecture” at the     seminar on Indo - Sri Lankan Relations, held at the University of Peradeniya, December 26-27-2001

 4)  Presented a paper entitled “A Historical investigation of the Buddhist Interaction between Sri Lanka and the Pallava Kingdom” at the Annual research Sessions, University of Peradeniya on November 16-2001

5)  Article on “South Indian Factor on Sri Lankan Political Straggle up to the 9th Century AD.”, in Dhamsisrsara, Rev. Maharagama Dhammasiri Felecitation Volume, ed. By Rev. Madihe Sumanasiri and others, Maharagama: 2010, pp. 129 – 154.     
Transleted article   (In to Sinhala)

6)  “The Vēļaikkārar in Medieval South India and Sri Lanka”, “Anumodana”  Prof. Anuradha Senavirathna Commemoration Volume, ed. M. Somatilake and H. M. R. D. Herath, Colombo, 2004, pp. 136-176. (English article of S. Pathmanathan, “The Vēļaikkārar in Medieval South India and Sri Lanka”, The Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities, No. 2, vol. 11, 1976. pp 120-137).   

7)  “The Role of the Port City of Mahatittha (Mantota) in the Tread Networks of the Indian Ocean”, “Iduwara”,  Prof. A. D. P. Kalansuriya Felecitation Volume, ed. Daya Amarasekara and others  Borella: 2004, pp. 191 – 226. (English article of S. Kiribamune, “The Role of the Port City of Mahatittha (Mantota) in the Tread Networks of the Indian Ocean”,The Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities,Nos. 1& 2, Vol. xvii & xviii, 1991.)  

Other Credentials: