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PHY 303 - Theories & Concepts in Ethics (Ethical Theories: East & West)

A comparative and critical analysis of the major ethical theories of the east and the west. Central ethical concepts such as good and bad, and the significance and validation of moral judgments will be discussed in detail.

Course content:

  • Hindu, Buddhist (Theravada and Mahayana), Chinese, Zoroastrian, Greek, Modern and Contemporary ethical theories and analysis.
  • Central ethical concepts: Good and Bad; Rights and Duties; Freewill and Determinism; Punishment, Relationship of ethics to Science, Medicine and Liberation.

Reading List
1. Broad, C.D.1930. Five Types of Ethical Theory.London: Kegan Paul.
2. Dharmasiri, Gunapala.1989. Fundamentals of Buddhist Ethics. California, Golden Leaves.
3. Mackenzie, John, S.1961. Manual of Ethics. London, University Tutorial Press.