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Department of Philosophy

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PHY 402 - Far Eastern thoughts

Major thought systems of the Far East will be taken for discussion and examination. The central philosophies of China, Tibet and Japan will be discussed in a comparative manner.

Course content:

  • I Ching Teaching, Taoism, Confucianism, Hua-Yen thought, Pure Land teachings.
  • Tibetan teachings: Doctrine of Death; Tantra Yana.
  • Zen Teachings; Shinto attitude to Nature.

Reading List
1. Kaltenmark, Max.1950. Lao-tzu and Taoism. Princeton University Press.
2. Cook, F.1991. Hua Yen Buddhism. Pennsylvania State University Press.
3. Wentz, Evans.1940. Tibetan Book of the Dead. Oxford.
4. Noss, John, B.1963. Man’s Religions. New York, Macmillan.