PHY 101

Problems & Issues in Philosophy




Wk 1   i.          What is Philosophy? The need to think deeply about the ordinary problems, ideas and thoughts:  (The Nature of Philosophy)

ii.                   What is the knowledge? How do we obtain it? The difference between knowledge and belief: (The Problem of knowledge)

Wk 2   i.          What is the nature of the relationship between cause and effect? Are there         really causes or effects?: (The Problem of Causality)

ii.                   What do we mean when we use general terms like man, table, tree and dog?: (The Problem of Universals)

Wk 3   i.          What is space? Does it really exist?: (The Problem of Space)

ii.                   What is time? Does it exist only in our minds?: (The Problem of Time)

Wk 4   i.          What is the nature of the Universe? Does it have an origin? Can it have an   origin?: (The Problem of the Universe)

ii.                   Is there anything called truth? If such a thing exists, how can we know it? Is it correct to say that what is useful is true? (The Problem of Truth)

Wk 5   i.          Does the world exist as we see it? Is this all a mere dream? (The Problem of the Existence of the External World)

ii.                     Do We have a soul? Do We have a mind ? What is the nature of the soul  and the mind ? (The problem of Mind)

Wk 6    i.         Are We really free ?  Do our lives follow a deterministic pattern?: (The  Problem of Freewill and Determinism)

ii.                   What is good ?  What is beauty? Are there any common objective?:  moral values?: (The problem of Good)

Wk 7      i.         Is there any thing caked evil or ugly?  How should we react to evil ?: (The         problem of Evil)

              ii.        The philosophical significance of death and rebirth .  Is there a rebirth?:

(The problem of Rebirth)

Wk 8      i.         Is there a world creator God?:   (The problem of God )

ii.                   Is the concept of liberation – Moksha or Nirvana – meaningful? Is there 

Anything called liberation?: Do we need it (The problem of Moksha)


 Applied Philosophy.

Wk 9      i.          The Relevance of Philosophy to life.

ii.                      The Forms of Philosophy Analysis – Linguistic, Conceptual and Marxist. Phenomenological and Deconstructive.

Wk10     i.          ‘ I’ and the ‘Other’

ii.                     Is Life Worth Living ?

Wk11     i.           What is Death and Dying?.

ii.                      Why do people Commit Suicide?

Wk 12     i.         ‘Hypocratic Oath’ and Medical practice.

ii.                    Ethical problems in Cloning (In Genetic Engineering)

Wk13      i.          Moral Issues in Legal practice.

ii.                     Philosophy and Ethics of Media and Communication

Wk14      i.          Decoding Advertisements: Signifier and the Signified

ii.                     Subjectivity and Objectivity in Art

Wk 15      i.         Understanding Violence and Terrorism through Deconstruction

ii.                    The Body as a Medium of Expression

Wk 16       i.         Sexuality

ii.                   Concepts of Modernity and post – Modernity


Reading List


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12.    ysrshkak” tuz’” 1970” ixlaIsma; bkaoSh orAYkh” fld<U( wOHdmk m%ldYk fomdrA;fuzka;=j’

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17.    fm%audkkao” fid,uka” 1998” ft;sydisl Ndr;Sh l,d jsuiqu” idr m%ldYk’