PHY 205 : Textual Approache to Buddhism and Indian Philosophy


The purpose of this course is to make the student familiar with the central concepts and terms in Indian philosophy.  The contextual understanding of such terms is encouraged in an intensive manner.


Course content:


  1. Selections from texts such as Rg Veda, Brahadaranyaka & Chandogya Upanishad
  2. Sutta Nipata will be taken for detailed analysis and examination




Recommended Reading


1.      Macdonell, A.A., A Vedic Reader for Students, O.P.U., 1951.

2.      Radhakrishnan, S.(ed), Allen & Unwin, The Principle Upanishads, 1953

3.      Pali Text Society Tripitaka, editions: Relevant sections

4.      Mula Madhyamika Karika, Tr.K.India, New Delhi, 1993

5.      Tr.Edward Conze, Allen and Unwin Diamond Sutra,

6.      Ewing, A.C.,A short commentoty on Kant’s Critique of Pur Reason, London, Methuem, 1938, C-190

7.      R.a fjzoh .S;dj,S” mrs( kdrdjs, megs%la” urodk” weia’f.dvf.a’

8.      nqoaO chka;s ;s%msgl .%ka: ud,dj( wod, fldgia

9.      jc%pzfPosld m%{dmdrus;d” mrs( tps’tuz’fudrgqj.u” weia’f.dvf.a’

10.   uQ, uOHusl ldrsld” mrs(fudrgqfjz idikr;k ysus” urodk” wkq, uqo%Kd,h’