PHY 302 Theory of Knowledge


Student is made aware of the nature of analytic tools and techniques and their application for the clarification of epistemological issues.


Course Content:

                    Definition(s) of knowledge

                    Meaning criteria-(a)verification (b) use

                    Truth Criteria-(a)  correspondence (b) coherence

                    Perception and belief

                    Body-mind problem



                    Problem of Induction.

Recommended Reading: -

1.      Ayer, A.J.1962. Language, Truth and Logic. London, Victor Gollazce, 15 Impression.

2.      Ayer, A.J.1957. The Problem of Knowledge. Pelican books.

3.      Hamlyn, D.W.1971. The Theory of Knowledge. London, Macmillan.

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5.      l,kaiQrsh, taívSímSí, 1986íodrAYksl .eg,q iy jsgz.kaiaffgka, fld<U, f,ala yjqia bkafjiagzukagzia,