PHY 308 Contemporary Continental Philosophy


The course provides the students with a knowledge of the basic themes in Contemporary Continental (German and French) Philosophy.


Course Content;

        Historical Background to Contemporary German & French Philosophy,

        Contemporary German Philosophy (after 1850),



        German Philosophy of Science

        Gestalt Psychology

        Frankfurt school and Critical theory

        German Existentialism

        Contemporary French Philosophy

        Post Structuralism


        French Existentialism

        Post Modernism.

Recommended Readings:-

1.      Fisher, B.H.A.L. A History of Europe. Vol. II, Eyer and Spoltiswoode: Great Britain, Chapters xcv, xcvii.

2.      Leotard, F.1984. Post-Modern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. trans: Geoff Benmington & Brian Masseur, University of Minnesota Press.

3.      Marshall, Berman.1982. All that is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of Modernity. New York.

4.      Ronald, Bouge.1989. Deleuze and Gyattari. London & New York, Routledge.

5.      Roy, Boyne.1989. "The Cartesian Exclusion" in Roy Boyne, Foucault and Deride: The Other side of Reason. London, Unwin Hyman.

6.      Klarni, R. & Rainwater, M.1996. (ed) The Continental Philosophy Reader. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul.  

        Relevant Reading Material are available in the Department of Philosophy & Psychology.