PHY 406 – Philosophy of Religion


Fundamental assumptions and concepts in religion will be examined in a comparative manner. Major themes of the religions of the world will be taken for critical analysis.


Course Content:


·        Definition of religion; Religion and Magic, Science, Psychology, and  Medicine.

·        Concepts of Liberation: Moksha, Brahman, Nirvana and God.

·        Study of the major religions: Hinduism, Taoism,  Buddhism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Judaic Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

·        Alternatives to religion: Critiques of religion: Marxism, Science, Humanism, Post Modern analyses of religion.

Recommended Readings: -

1.      Dharmasiri, Gunapala.1988. A Buddhist Critique of the Christian Concept of God. California, Golden Leaves.

2.      Smart, Ninian.1960. Dialogue of Religions. London,  SCM Press.

3.      Smart, Ninian.1968. Yogi and the Devotee. London, Allen & Unwin.

4.      Smith, Huston.1991. The World’s Religions. New York, Harper Collins.