PSY 205 – Methodology II


Based on the basic statistical Knowledge given in Methodology I, the present course helps students to gain a further understanding of the general use and purpose of statistics for psychology. Also, it deals with inferential and descriptive statistical measures taking in to perspective techniques the psychology students can use when handing the practical issues.  


Course Content;


Scales of distribution.


Probability and Samples

Introduction to hypothesis testing

Correlation statistical inference

Non parametric statistics


Pre-requisite: PSY 201


Recommended Readings:-

1.      Kennedy J; 1983. Analyzing Qualitative Data; New York, Preaeger.

2.      Nisbett R, Ross L; 1980. Human Inference: Strategies and shortcomings of social judgement; New Jersey, Prentice Hall.

3.      Ray and Ravissa;1981 Methods towards a science of behaviour and experience; New York.

4.      Harvath T; 1985. Basic Statistics for Behavioral Science; Boston, Brown and Company.

                                   Part I       PP. (1-7)

                                   Part II      PP. (63-86), (130-143)

                                   Part III    PP. (147-182)

                                   Part IV    PP. (251-275)

                                   Part V      PP. (309-325)

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