Department of Psychology

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


November, 2018

Awareness building programme on Child Abuse

Any matter which can be harmful for children health and development can be considered as child abuse. As Sri Lanka is dramatically growing it rates of child abuse prevention awareness and prevention is immensely needed. Child Abuse and Child Protection programme conducted by Ms N.D.U Vimukthi from Department of Psychology on 16.11.2018 at Faculty of Arts seminar room helped undergraduates from Faculty of Arts to enhance their awareness on child abuse and child protection.

November, 2018

Exhibition on Child Abuse and Prevention

Exhibition on Child abuse and awareness building was held at the faculty pillar area on 28.11.2018. This exhibition was organized by the third year Psychology undergraduates with the special supervision of Dr. B.D.D Pathirana. They were creatively presented many posters and info-graphics in which shaping viewers’ mentality about the child abuse and prevention. Most of the resources they used depicted the way in which developing community engagement to eradicate the bad consequences and mal practices with children and prevention methods in an impressive way.



Whole day training programme for senior student counsellors and volunteer student counsellors on active listening skills and stress management.

The whole day programme which was conducted on 16.12.2018 consisted of two sessions (Morning and afternoon). The morning session was a counselling skill (Active listening) held at Arts faculty seminar room and the second session which held at the GYM was Chronobiological feedback on stress management with Bio Danza ended up with happy and calm feeling shown by the participants. They were awarded a certificate in the end.

PART I. Awareness programme on Counselling skills (Active Listening)

Attentiveness towards someone can be done in different ways. Active listening is a significant quality in which all should capable of. As University staff all should aware about how to attend someone actively in terms of their listening skills. Dr. Danesh Karunanayake from Department of Psychology conducted a Programme on 16.12.2016 at Faculty of Arts Seminar room for all the senior student counsellors and volunteer student counsellors for developing their awareness on active Listening skills. This programme was held together with Stress management with Bio danza programme.

PART II. Chronobiolgical feedback on Stress management and managing Stress with Bio Danza


Dance can help in managing stress. Rhythmic dance and your movements, and wordless expressions whilst your dance can help you to overcome stress and panic in your life and so the stress.

Professor Marcus Stück is a researcher of Bio Danza and chronobiological applications of stress intervention. He is a researcher and an empirical practitioner of Stress Management. It is now a great opportunity to share his experience and experience the Biofeedback on your stress levels while adding rhythm to your life with Bio Danza.

Bio-Danza programme was organized by the Department of Psychology along with the Prof. Dr Marcus Stück from Germany. Prof.Dr.(med) Ulrich Sack who accompanied Prof. Stuck conducted a brief lecturer on Chronobiology behind the stress. In the later part Prof Stuck practiced with senior student counsellors and volunteer student counsellors the Bio-danza and they were participated in active and enthusiastic way in which lead in the end to develop their competency to manage daily stress.