Dr. W. Amarakirthi Liyanage

Senior Lecturer Gr.I

Department of Sinhala,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.
0812382549 / 0812382548

Major fields of Specialization:
Regularly Taught Courses

  • SLS 202 Modern Drama in Sinhala
  • SLS 210 Translation Theory and Practice
  • SLS 304 Western Literary Theory and Criticism
  • FNA 310 Western Aesthetic Theory
  • SLS 404 Comparative Literature
  • SLS 405 Western Theories of Aesthetics and Art
  • SLS 410 Social and Cultural Studies of Literature
  • Eng. 404. Introduction to Sinhala and Tamil Literature (Taught at the department of English)

Educational Qualifications:
A Certificate Course at the School of Criticism and Theory at the Cornell University (Distinction) [2005, Summer]
PhD in Literature - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA Dissertation Title: Narrative Methods of Sinhala Prose: A Historical and Theoretical Analysis of Sinhala Prose Narratives from Twelfth Century to Post-realist Fiction. [2004, December]
Master's of Art in Languages and Cultures of Asia - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA [2000 May]
Bachelor of Art, in Sinhala - University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka [1994]

Appointments (Selected):
Permanent Position:
2008-Present. Senior Lecturer, Department of Sinhala, University of Peradeniya

Part time and Visiting Positions:
2010- Present. Visiting Lecturer, Postgraduate Courses, University of Kelaniya
2008-Present. Sinhala Instructor, ISLE Program, An Program Teaching Sinhala language to Visiting American Students
2008- Present. Visiting Lecturer, National Institute of Language Education and Training, Agalawattha

Other Positions:
2011-12. Visiting Lecturer, University of Colombo
Januray- April 2010. Senior Visiting Fellow. Harvard University
2004- 2008. Lecturer, Cornell University, New York
2004 (Spring) Teaching Assistant of Prof. Uli Shamiloglu, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2003 (Spring) Lecturer at UW-Madison
2003 Spring: Grader/Reader for a Course on Religions of Asia Taught by Prof. Charles Hallisey.
2002 Summer: Grader/Reader for a Course on Religions of Asia Taught by Prof. Charles Hallisey.
1997-1998. Visiting Lecturer of Creative Writing - Audiovisual Media School of National Youth Center, Sri Lanka
1996-1997. Research Assistant, Prof. Shibua Toshio - Waco University, Japan (The research was done in Sri Lanka)
1995-1998. Assistant Lecturer - Department of Sinhala, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
1995. Editor Yavvanaya Newspaper published by Ravaya Publishers
1994-1997. Freelance and Staff Journalist - Ravaya Sinhala Newspaper, Sri Lanka
1993-1994. Research Assistant of Prof. Edirivira Saracchandra - Sarvodaya Research Institute, Sri Lanka
1990-1994. Editor Ulpata Magazine Sarvodaya Head Quarters, Moratuva.

Visiting Appointments:
Invited Talks, Workshops and Trainings:
"New Theoretical Approaches to Reading Literature" Public Library, Kandy, March 26th 2014.
"Representation of Tamil Characters in Sinhala Fiction" 41st Literary Gathering (Tamil), Euroville Hall, No. 19, Agrarian Lane, Nallur, University of Jaffna, 20th July 2013.
"How to understand a classic like Maname" An invited talk at the launching of Maname in Restrospect, Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. June 10th 2013.
"Literature and Cosmopolitanism" Department of Comparative Literature. University of Santiago de Comspostella, Spain. April 11th 2013.
"A Preface to Modern Sinhala Short Stories" An Invited Lecture at Makaranda Literary Festival, Public Library Colombo, May 30th 2011.
A Lecture on Lester James Peiris's Nidhanaya- at National Film Cooperation, Organized by Ceylon Axis, April 3rd 2011.
"Dramatist as a Rebel" A lecture on the art of drama. Shri Pali Campus, University of Colombo, March 31st 2011.
Invited Speaker at the Panel on Translation, Galle Literary Festival 2011, January 29th 2011.
"Learning Culture from E.W. Adikaram." Buddhist Studies Forum. Divinity School Harvard University, March 22nd 2010.
"Practicing Cultural Criticism in Sri Lanka" at American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies meeting, Association Asian Studies conference, Philadelphia, March 26th 2010.
"Practicing Cultural Criticism in Sri Lanka" at Amherst College, March 29th 2010.
"Literature and Art in Postwar Sri Lanka: A Community Beginning to Reconsider?" South Asia Program, April 12th 2010.
Invited Participant. Workshop on ‘Historiography of Sri Lanka’ organized by American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies in Colombo, September 10-11, 2009.
Participant. Workshop for the teachers of South Asian Languages, University of Chicago, 2007.
Participant. Second Language Teaching and Testing. Cornell University, USA, 2006.
Participant. A Workshop on Buddhist Literature ("Contours of Moral Person") At Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, 2005.

Memberships and Awards:
2013 October - Bunka Cultural Awards for Literature, The Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Fund
2013 September - Vidyodaya Awards for the best Collection of Short Stories for Ara Mihiri Sinu Nadaya
2013 April - Erasmus Mundus: One Month Fellowship at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2010 - Fellowship of Senior Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, 2010 Spring
2008 - Award for the Best Novel, National Literary Festival, Sri Lanka
2005 - Tuition Fellowship, The School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University
2003 Fall - Dissertation Fellowship, University of Wisconsin
2000 - Award for Best Collection of Short Stories, National Literary Festival, Sri Lanka
1998-2000 - Fulbright Fellowship
1997 - Best Translation, State Literary Festival, North Western Province-Sri Lanka
1995 - Certificate for the Best Collection of Short Stories Independent Literary Festival, Sri Lanka
1995 - Best Collection of Short Stories, State Literary Festival, North-Western Province-Sri Lanka
1994 - Prof. M.B. Ariyapala Award "Best Student of the Year" in Special Degree Program (Sinhala) University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
1991 - First Place at the All-Island Short Story Competition, Sri Lanka
1988 - First Place at the All-Island Short Story Competition, Sri Lanka

Research Publications:

Kurulu Hadawata(The Bird's Heart) – A novel.
Kalawa Kumakatada? A Sinhala Translation of Martha Nussbaum’s Not for Profit: Why Democracy the Humanities.

"Rajitha Dissanayake and Contemporary Sinhala Theater" An Antroduction to Rajitha Dissanayake's No Return.
"Radical Traditionalism: Post-realist Modes of Representation in Modern Sinhala Fiction and Postcoloniality" In Phoenix- The Sri Lanka Journal of English in the Commonwealth. Vol. IX. 2012.
Nerudage Liyumkaaraya. A Translation of Antonio Skarmeta's novel The Postman.

Ara Mihiri Sinu Naadya (That Sweet Sound of the Bell) a collection of Short stories. Forthcoming.
"Samaja Vicaraya ha Buddha Dharamaya" A Translation of Sulak Sivaraksa's Culture, Conflict, Change.
"Jatiakawadayata erehiwa Sarvabhaumikavadaya: Gurudeva Tagorge Sanskratika Vicaraya" (Nationalism Vs. Cosmopolitanism: Rabindranath Tagore's Cultural Criticism) in Sanskriti, Vol. 22, November 2011.
"Sinhala Poetry as a Mode of Cultural Self-Criticism" in Phoenix- The Sri Lanka Journal of English in the Commonwealth. Vol. VIII. 2011.

Pahana saha kedapata: a book on Literary Theory and Criticism. Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.
A Review of English Translation of Hevanella. Sri Lanka Journal of Humanities, University of Peradeniya

Kaviya, Saundaryalookaya ha Mahajana Tarkanaya, Sahitya, Speacial Volume, Literary Panel, Department of Cultural Affairs
Ekamat eka Pita Rataka. A Collection of Poems.

"Sinhala Sahitye Sinhala Lakunu" (Modernist Aspects in Sinhala Literature) Peer Reviewed Article. Sahitya. Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
Sahrada Sakshiya: Akhyana Kalawa ha Minis Samajaya. A Book on Literary Theory. Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

Atawaka Putthu. A Novel. Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.
The Hour When the Moon Weeps. An English Translation of a Collection of Short stories( Translated By Kumari Gunasekare) Vijitha Yapa.
"Susadhita Ketikathawa saha Kammellaweera" An Introductory essay in Sobha. Jayathila Kammellaweera. Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

"Character and Emplotment in Story of Vessantara" Sri Lanka Journal of Humanities, University of Peradeniya.
"Introduction" to the English translation of Ajith Tilakasena's The Pilgrimage, Sarasavi Publishers
"Introduction" to Malaka Devapriya's Uge Hisa Ivaray, a Collection of Radio Plays.
"Nativist Modernism: Literary Identities in Modern Sinhala Fition" Seminar Paper Presented at South Asia Program, Cornell University.
Taruna navakataakaruveku veta. The Sinhala Translation of Mario Vargas Llosa's Letters to a Young Novelist. Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

Amutu Kathaava: Pashchaat Yataarthavaadi Kathaaa Kalaavaka Vetha - A Book on Narrative Theory, Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

"Aashcharyaathmaka Yathaarthavaadaya Pashchaatyathaarathavaadayak lesa" (Magic Realism as a Form of Post-Realism) in PaTitha 2004.

2003 December
Vila Saha Mala. A Collection of Sinhala Short stories. Colombo: Godage Publishers.

"Karmic Realism: Buddhist Ways of Transcending Structural Limits of Literary Realism:" A Paper Presented at Buddhist Studies Graduate Student Conference University of Michigan- Anne Arbor.
"River of Fire: Critiquing the Ideology of History" in The Annual of Urdu Studies

"Poetics of Storytelling in Ummagga Jataka". A Paper Presented at South Asia Conference at University of Wisconsin- Madison

Mama Den Nidami (Now, I Sleep). A Collection of Sinhala Short Stories, Publisher: Vidarshana Prakashana.
Heta An Ratak, Sinhala translation of "Tomorrow is Another Country” by Alister Sparks, A book on Nelson Mandela and South Africa, serialized in Ravaya

Muhude Giligiya Diana Kumariya ,Sinhala adaptation of a South African Story for Children, Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

Malbara Samaya, Sinhala translation of ten Eastern-European short stories, Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya

Mahapurushayekuta Birindakwa, Sinhala translation of "Married to Tolstoy" By Cynthia Asquith, First Edition, Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya 1997, Second Edition, Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya. 2002 Third Edition.

Weeriyawanthayo (The Brave Ones). A novel for teenagers, First Edition, Publisher: Sara Prakashakayo - 1998, Second Edition, Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya.

Nandana Uyana (The Garden of Bliss). A Collection of Short Stories, Publisher: Sara Prakashakyo.

Mahakanda Pamula (Under the Mountain). Publishers: S. Godage Brothers

Rala (The Wave). A Collection of Short Stories, Publisher: Sara Prakashakayo

Manawa Baktiya Ha Sittara (The Painter and Humanitarianism). A Collection of Short Stories, Publisher: Sarvodaya Book Publishing Services.

Other Credentials:
Languages: Sinhala, English, Hindi (One Year), Pali (One Year), Sanskrit (One Semester)

A Selection of Journalistic Essays:
"Manusshya visistathwaya loka parimanawa dakina rathu rosa nil rosa" Diwaina. 26.12.2013 . A Review of Parakrama Kodituwakku's book Raru Rosa, Nil Rosa.
"Islamic Culture and the Challenge of Buddhist Fundamentalism" The Island. 01.05.2013
"Another batch passes out: Musings on Pera Convocation" The Island. 14.03.2012
"Purawesiyata sanskruthika saksharatawa awashshai" Rawaya. 08.04.2012
"Nodutu guruwarayeku pilibanda satahanak" Lakbima. 14.10.2012 ( A Obituary of Eric Hobsbawm)
"Goleeya parimanyen sithima wedagath sadakayak" Rawaya. 22.04.2012
"Talking to People on the streets : Fighting to Protect Public Education" . Island . 18.07.2012
"Sarala sinama kruthiyaka deshapalana avingnanaya: ada dawase deshapalanaya saha Kusa Paba. Divina. 08.03.2012
A Review of the play, "Suddek Oba Amatay". Ravaya Newspaper. April 24th, 2011.
"Nawakatha Kiyaweema Pilinbanda Paitamaya ha Antarpatitamaya Praweeshayak" Kandaka Seema Asurin, Divina, 16 December 2010.
"Wedihiti Vidyartiyekuge Nutana Adahas: Mahacarya Ariya Rajakaurnage Puwatpat Lipi" Divina 2 December, 2010.
"A Fatal Intersection" The Himal South Asian, June 2010.
"The Ideal Sinhalalse" The Himal South Asia, February 2010.
"Cricket as Text: A Preface to the World Cup" The Island. March 3rd, 2007.
"Kaviya, Daarshanika Chinthaava Saha Sanskritika Vicaaraya" (Poetry, Philosophical Thought and Cultural Criticism) Silulina, February, 18th & 25th, 2007.
"American Money and the First Modern Sinhala Play" February 14th, 2007 The Island.
"Pashcaath Upadhi Paathashaalaava saha Maanava shaastra Adhyanaya" (Graduate School and Humanities in Sri Lanka) February, 4th 2007.
"One-Dimensional Society: thoughts on Modern Sinhala Culture" February 3rd The Island and Daily News.
"themaathmaka Alankaarikaya saha Nuuthana Prabandha Kathaava" Part 1 and 2(Thematic Rhetoric and Modern Fiction), Silumina. June, 18th and 25th 2006.
"Jayathilaka Kammallaweera saha Susaadhitha Ketikathaawa" in Balaya
"Keti Kata Kalava Saha Yatarthavadaya". An Article on modern Short Story, Published in Balaya, Sri Lanka.

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