Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

International Conference on Social Work - Social Development and Sustainable Development Goals

International Conference
Imporatant Days
May 30
- Abstract Submission
August 15
- Paper Submission


Keynote Speakers
Prof. Barbara W Shank
President (ICSD)
Dean, School of Social Work
University of St. Thomas
Minnesota, USA
Barbara W Shank
Mr. Joern Soerensen
Country Director
Sri Lanka


The Conference will focus on deliberating crucial questions:

  • How to end poverty in its all forms across the world;
  • What are the pragmatic ways  to fight injustice and inequality;
  • How to achieve and experience peace; and,
  • What are the best approaches to ensuring environmental protection and economic development in an integrated and balanced manner.

We believe that the need of engaging people and their institutions at all forms and all levels is a fundamental step for addressing these issues at the country and regional levels, and moving forward the SDGs agenda recently adopted at the UNGA in New York.

Researchers, scholars, policy makers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, from the Asia-Pacific region will focus on deliberating  crucial questions -  what we need to do and what pragmatic strategies  are required for capacity building at country level in terms of education, training and practice  to develop and follow inter and multi-disciplinary approaches to achieve SDGs by 2030.


Conference Director
Dr. Abey Rathnayake
Conference Chair
Prof. Manahar Pawar (ICSD - AP)
Conference Secretary
Dr. Sarath Gamlath
University of Peradeniya
Kandy City


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