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The Department of Tamil is one of the oldest departments of the University of Peradeniya. The eminent Tamil scholar Swami Vipulananda was appointed as the first Professor of Tamil in 1943. He was succeeded by Professor K.Kanapathippillai who was the head of the department from 1947 to 1965. Prof. Kanapathipillai laid a strong foundation for Tamil studies at Peradeniya. After Prof. Kanapathipillai’s retirement, the Chair and Headship in Tamil was held successively by Professors V. Chelvanayakam, S.Vidyanandan, A. Veluppillai, A. Sathasivam, and S. Thillainathan. During this period the Department of Tamil developed into a reputed center of Tamil studies in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia.

The Deparment of Tamil has produced over the years a number of Tamil scholars, literary critics, creative writers, journalists and public administrators whose achievements have been recognized both within and outside the country.

The department offers undergraduate courses in Tamil and Hindu Civilization as well as postgraduate courses leading to the degrees of MA, MPhil, and PhD

In addition to this the Department offering Tamil Courses as second Language to non Tamil speaking students

The Department conducting Radio Program at Kanduratta service call “Kalai Amudam” since 2007 to Date




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