Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma in Tamil


TLG 501: Modern Tamil Grammar

Objective : to provide a thorough knowledge in modern Tamil grammar

Course Content: The structure of Modern Tamil. Aspects of phonology, morphology, and syntax of modern Tamil; phonetic, phonemic and orthographic systems, noun and verb morphology, morphophonemic, structure of simple, compound and complex sentences will be studied in detail.


TLG 502 : The Development of Modern Tamil Literature

Objective: to provide an analytical understanding of modern Tamil literature and its socio political background.

Course Content: The Development of Modern Tamil literature and its main trends of evolution beginning with the colonial period, its special regional characteristics in Sri Lanka and Tamilnadu will be the subject matter of this course. Special attention will be paid to the four main literary forms, poetry, novel, short story and drama.


TLG 503: Literary Criticism: Theory and Practice

Objective: to give a theoretical and practical training in literary criticism

Course Content: This course deals with the critical theories and practical criticism. Definition of literary criticism, principles and types of literary criticism, relationship between form and content, various critical concepts such as Modernism, Romanticism, Imagism, Symbolism, Realism, Naturalism, Surrealism and Magical realism, and author-centered and reader-centered criticism, literature as text and aspects of practical criticism will be the content of the course.

TLG 504: Critical Study of Prescribed Texts

Objective: to develop a critical approach to Tamil classical and medieval literature.

Course Content: This course is a critical study of some important texts selected from classical and Medieval Tamil Literature. Special emphasis will be given to the socio-historical background of the texts. The language and content of the texts will be studied in detail. The candidate should be able to evaluate the texts critically. Following are the prescribed texts:

•  50 poems selected from Cankam Anthologies (2) Netunalvātai,

•  Cilappatikāram (4) Tirukkural

•  Kalinkattupparani (6) Nantikkalampakam

•  Kunankuti Mastān Shāhip Pātalkal (8) Kurrālakkuravanci


TLG 505: Tamil Language and Literature in Sri Lanka

Objective : to provide a clear understanding of Tamil language and literature in Sri Lanka .

Course Content: This course constitutes two parts. The first part deals with the development of Tamil Language in Sri Lanka , its history, and socio-linguistic aspects. Sri Lankan's contribution to Tamil grammar, lexicography, modern prose and modernization process will also be discussed. The second part deals with the development of Tamil literature in Sri Lanka, its origin, evolutionary trends, major literary movements, major writers and their works and Sri Lankan Tamil writings abroad.


MA/MPhil in Tamil


TLG 601: Research Methodology with Special Reference to Language and Literary studies.

Objective: This course is to provide a theoretical and practical knowledge on research methodology in general and in the field of language and literary studies in particular.

Course content: Topics on general methodology include the nature of scientific research, the impact of ideology on research, techniques of research: identifying research problems, preparing a working bibliography and reviewing literature, writing research proposal, collecting data using library and archival materials and field methods, analyzing and interpreting the date and presenting the findings. Topics on Tamil language and literary studies include: a brief history of Tamil research, various trends and ideological conflicts in Tamil research, problems of periodizing, reading ola manuscripts and inscription, editing classical texts and textual criticism, field methods in socio-linguistics and folklore, approaches to modern literature and culture, descriptive and interpretive research in classical and modern Tamil.


TLG 602: Tamil Language and Linguistics

Objective: to provide knowledge in the linguistic study of Tamil Language.

Course Content : An understanding of Modern linguistic principles, relationship between linguistics and traditional grammar, the structure of Tamil Language, dialects and diaglosia will be taken for consideration. Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics of Tamil, Regional and social dialects and stylistics will be studied in detail.


TLG 603: History of Tamil Language

Objective: to provide a comprehensive account of the development of Tamil Language through the historical periods.

Course Content: Principles of Historical and Comparative Linguistics will be the theoretical foundation of this course. Tamil as a member of the Dravidian Language family, changes in the Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics and Orthography of Tamil language, linguistic contacts and language borrowings and problems of modernization will be studied in detail.


TLG 604: Tolkāppiyam and Tamil Grammatical Tradition

Objective: to study the Grammatical Theory of Tolkāppiyam and its impact on Tamil Grammatical Tradition.

Course Content: The concepts of Phonology (Eluttu) and Morphology ( Col ) of Tolkāppiyam and its impact in later grammarians, including the contributions of Christian Missionaries will be studied in detail. Special attention will also be given to the other major grammatical works Veeracōliyam and Nannūl.


TLG 605: Studies in Classical Tamil Poetry

Objective: to study in detail the poetry and poetics of Cankam period with a focus on the eight anthologies (Ettuttokai) and ten longer poems (Pattuppāttu) and the literary theory developed by Tolkāppiyam based on these texts.

Course Content : The content, form, language and poetic conventions of the texts will be the main focus. Special attention will also be given to the resent studies on Cankam texts and the socio-historical background of the period. A selection of at least 100 poems from Akanānuru, Kuruntokai, Kalittokai, Puranānuru, Ainkurunuru , Patirruppattu, Paripātal and the Tolkāppiyam Porulatikāram will form the primary texts.


TLG 606: Modern Poetry in Tamil

Objective: to provide a critical understanding of the origin and development of Modern Poetry in Tamil.

Course content: The problems of defining tradition and modernity in Tamil poetry, the socio-historical, political and ideological background of the modern poetical movements in Tamil, Major Modern Poets and their works will be studied in detail.


TLG 607: Early Tamil Novels and Society

Objective: to study the construction of social reality in the novels written in Tamil during the colonial period in India and Sri Lanka .

Course Content: How the novels reflected the major socio-cultural and political changes that took place during this period will be studied in detail. Special attention will be given to the emergence of middle class, development of prose and literacy, growth of print media, the role of religion, caste and polities that had a decisive impact on the development of Tamil novel during this period.


TLG 608: Modern Literary Theories

Objective: to introduce the salient features of the Major literary theories dominant in contemporary literary discourse.

Course Content: Literary approaches of Formalism, Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism, Post Modernism, Feminism, Post-colonialism and Subaltern studies will be given special attention.

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