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| The Peradeniya International Economics Research Symposium (PIERS) 2020 has been re-scheduled on 10.12.2020. | The Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstracts has been closed.


Considering the prevailing pandemic situation, the presenters are invited to present their extended abstracts via ZOOM video conference. We will email you the Zoom meeting links for the conference program including each technical session once the program schedules are finalized. Also the complete program schedule with Zoom meeting links will be published in the PIERS website on 2-3 days in advance of the conference date.
Coordinator/PIERS 2020

On 10th of December, 2020

at the Auditorium of the Postgraduate Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (PGIHS), Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya


The Peradeniya International Economics Research Symposium (PIERS) is organized annually by the Department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Peradeniya since 2013 with the participation of foreign and local academics researchers and policy makers.

The 8th symposium, PIERS - 2020 is jointly organized by the Department of Economics & Statistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and South Asian University (SAU), New Delhi, India. The symposium is open to researchers from economics, development and other related disciplines, enable them to present their research works to a wider audience and to engage in an intellectual discussion with peers, academics and other researchers.

This year Conference theme is “Stimulating economic growth to face economic and social challenges during and post Covid 19”.

Through PIERS 2020, we aim to provide a platform for economic research which would contribute the above theme. Also considering the prevailing pandemic situation Covid 19, Corona virus the organizing body has decided to move it as a semi-webinar conference with online focusing particularly for overseas participants. Hopefully this will enable us to have a wider participation for this event especially with overseas collaborators and researchers cost effectively.

The symposium particularly provides opportunities to young economists and scholars engage themselves in vibrant intellectual discussions. This will also be an interactive forum for junior academics and researchers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students to engage in dialogue and expose themselves to high quality research in economics with senior academics and policy makers from locally and internationally. All extended abstracts presented and the keynote speech delivered in the PIERS are published as Symposium Proceedings. Past Symposium Proceedings are available in the Department and the extended abstracts and keynote address can be downloaded from here.

We believe that this year event will able to incorporate creative criticism and suggestions from researchers participating in a dual mode system (face-to-face and online) as a new experience expecting that it will be a more productive symposium. Besides the formal events the Symposium will also provide an excellent opportunity for participants to develop network with present/past and local/international economists.

Symposium Coordinator

Road Map

Call for Extended Abstracts:
Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstracts:
Notification of Acceptance:
Deadline of resubmittion of revised Extended Abstracts:
Notification of final Acceptance:


Guidelines for Extended Abstracts

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion and Policy recommendations
  6. References - Maximum 5 references (Harvard reference style)

Font & Font Size:

Other important guidelines:

  1. Size : B5 & Margins: 1.25" (all sides)
  2. Number of pages (Maximum): 4-5
  3. Space between lines 1.15
  4. Title font size 12 (Bold)
  5. Sub-titles font size 12 (Times New Roman 12pt and Bold)
  6. Maximum 05 Key words, Italic
  7. Three tables and graphs (including both)
  8. Please submit 3 hard copies and one electronic copy (email to pierspera2013@gmail.com)
  9. The completed Author Declaration Form should be scanned and emailed


Advisor Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath
(Head/Department of Economics & Statistics)
Chairperson Prof. S. Vijesandiran
Coordinator Prof. J. G. Sri Ranjith
Co-coordinator Dr. T. Vinayagathasan
Secretary Ms. K.A.N.I. Kariapperuma


Sub-committee Member/s
Editorial Committee Co-editors:
Dr. T. Vinayagathasan (Chief Editor/ coordinator)
Prof. Wasantha Athukorala
Dr. C.R. Abayasekara
Prof. S.J.S. De Mel
Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath
Dr. A.D.H.K. Kankanamge
Editorial Assistants:
Ms. K.A.N.I. Kariapperuma
Ms. A.J.F Shifaniya
Editorial Advisory Panel:
Prof. A.S.P. Abhayarathne
Prof. D.N.B. Gunewardena
Prof. J.M.A. Jayawickrama
Prof. S. Sivarajasingham
Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath
Financial Committee: Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath (Coordinator)
Prof. A.S.P. Abhayarathne
Prof. Prasanna Perera
Prof. M.B. Ranathilaka
Ms. Madhavie Herath
Dr. K.M.R. Karunarathna
Keynote and Guest Speaker: Arrangements and Coordination of Foreign participants Prof. A.S.P. Abhayarathne
Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath
Dr. A.D.H.K. Kankanamge
Prof. S.J.S. De Mel
Dr. S.S.K.B.M. Dorabawila
Dr. K.M.R. Karunarathna (coordination)
Printing: Prof. Wasantha Athukorala (coordination)
Prof. M.B. Ranathilaka
Dr. A.D.H.K. Kankanamge
Dr. T. Vinayagathasan
Mr. ASGS Bandara
Technical and Visualization: Mr. T. Rajeswaran (coordination)
Ms. S. Rajendran
Mr. A.N. Thattil
Mr. Eranga U. Jayarathna
Mr. DMSM Dissanayaka
Food & Refreshments: Prof. S. Vijesandiran
Prof. M.B. Ranathilaka (coordination)
Venue Arrangements (Inaugural and Technical sessions): Prof. H.M.W.A. Herath
Mr. T. Rajeswaran
Ms. S. Rajendran (coordination)
Ms. R. Anushya Muttettuge
Ms. K. Kumudhini
Ms. W.M.T.J. Wanigasuriya
Mr. ASGS Bandara
Ms. Mathusha
Welcome (Invitations and Programme), Registration and inauguration: Ms. A.V.K. Madhavie
Dr. T.N. Vidanage (coordination)
Ms. S.M.S.K. Kapilarathne
Ms. R. Anushya Muttettuge
Ms. K.A.N.I. Kariapperuma
Mr. DMSM Dissanayaka
Ms. S. Mathusha
Ms. AJF Shifaniya
K.H. Inoka Sriyani
Publicity and web update: Mr. A.N. Thattil (coordination)
Mr. Eranga U. Jayarathna
Transport Arrangements: Dr. A.D.H.K. Kankanamge
Dr. T. Vinayagathasan (coordination)
Mr. A.S.G.S. Bandara
Mr. D.M.S.M. Dissanayake



PIERS Coordinator,
Department of Economics & Statistics,
Faculty of Arts,
University of Peradeniya,
Peradeniya, 20400, Sri Lanka.

+94 77 539 3462

+94 81 239 2622


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