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Inauguration Ceremony Postgraduate Diploma in Education Week-End Programme 2014/2015

Inauguration Ceremony Postgraduate Diploma in Education Full-Time Programme 2014/2015

Upahara Ceremony 2014

6th October 2014
Department of Education
Faculty of Arts


WORKSMART PROGRAMME 2008 was designed to provide professional enrichment programmes to enhance the quality of the academic work of the academic staff of the Department. It was held from 20 th to 22 nd August 2008 in the Department of Education of the University of Peradeniya.

The Themes of the programme were:

•  Competency based teaching - learning and teacher education

•  Action Research for professional learning

It was attended by the staff of the Department of Education and one participant each from the Faculty of Education University of Colombo, Open University of Sri Lanka and National Institute of Education.

The following were invited as resource persons for the programme

Dr. K. K. Vashishtha,
Professor and Head,
Department of Elementary Education,
National Council of Educational Research and Training,
Sri Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi, India.

Dr. K. Dorasami,
Professor and Head,
Department of Teacher Education and Extension,
National Council of Educational Research and Training,
Sri Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi, India.

Dr. D. Brahadeeswaran,
Professor and Head,
Department of Policy Planning and Education Research,NITTTR, Taramani,
Chennai, India.

The programme was a success and it open further avenues towards exchange and study programmes with Indian Universities and Indian Educational Institutions.

The University of Peradeniya together with its Department of Education extends heartfelt gratitude to the World Bank for providing the necessary funds through ESDFP 2008 and for the Ministry of Education for channeling the funds and His Excellency Mr James Edwin for helping us to select resource persons from India.

Present a paper at the International conference
Two of the academic staff members of the DoE participated at the APERA conference 2008 at NIE, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore and presented a paper on the earlier research on SBTD under taken by this department under the ESDFP 2007. The title of the paper was A study on School Based Teacher Development Programmes in Sri Lanka. The paper was well accepted at the conference and helped to establish a link between the NIE NTU Singapore and UoP. The full paper was submitted to the WB prior to its presentation at the APERA conference. The paper could be referred on line at www.apera08.nie.edu.sg .


ESDFP 2009

An action research study on professional development of beginning teachers for school improvement

The Action Research that was conducted in 2008 will be continued as a longitudinal study. Based on the findings of the previous study the main objective of this study is to develop the professional skills of the beginning teachers through school based action research methodology. The researchers hope to train mentors to develop beginning teachers at school level.


The Department of Education of the Faculty of Arts conducted a three day Workshop under the WORKSMART programme 2009 which was sponsored by the World Bank under the guidance of the Ministry of Education through the ESDFP 2009.

The Workshop was conducted from 23rd September to 25th September 2009. Consultancy was provided by Prof: Joseph Lo Bianco, Chair of Language and Literacy Education, Associate Dean (Global Relations and Knowledge Transfer), Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia.

The Workshop consisted of four themes as follows:-

Theme 1 Global approaches and current trends towards Teacher Development; Future role of the B.Eds, PGDEs and M.Eds

Theme 2 Curriculum reforms of present teacher training programmes at the university level in Sri lanka

Theme 3 Issues and problems faced in the transition from Sinhala Medium to English Medium Instructions

Theme 4 Bilingual Education Programmes in Sri Lanka; Strategies for teacher training (Jointly conducted with the Bilingual Unit, Ministry of Education)

Theme 3 was conducted with the assistance of the Department of Economics, while theme 4 was conducted with the assistance of Department of English.

The participants of the workshop consisted of the Academic staff of the department, and invitees from the Education Department staff representatives from other Universities and Educational institutions in Sri Lanka. Several Heads of Departments of the Faculty of Arts and a host of invited School Teachers from the Central Province participated on the last day of the programme