Optional Courses in Education for Undergraduate students of the Faculty of Arts


The optional courses are designed to provide the undergraduates who to pursue their cares in education and related fields. The courses cover areas of basic principles, practices and methodologies in education. Completion of the courses will enhance employability of the graduates by education them with necessary background knowledge to join careers in education as teachers, administrators, curriculum developers counselors, evaluators and planners

Optional subjects offered by the Department of Education

Main objective of the course

To provide professional skills of the Bachelor of Arts (General and Special) degree students

Specific objectives

  • To prepare graduates with increased employability
  • To train undergraduates to take up various professions in the field of education
  • To prepare undergraduates for research and postgraduate studies in education

Course content

200 level syllabi

EDU 201: Basics in Education and Learning

EDU 202: Psychological foundations of Education

300 Level Syllabi

EDU 301: Teaching and learning methodology

EDU 302: Management and Leadership in Education

400 Level Syllabi

EDU 401: A comparative analysis of the systems of education in Sri Lanka and other countries

EDU 402: Educational and Psychological assessment

EDU 403: Educational and Psychological Counseling and career Guidance of Children and Youth.