Inductive Training Programme for Newly Recruited GraduateTeachers

This three months training programme for newly recruited graduate teachers of the year 2006 was initiated as a result of a discussion  held between the authorities of the Ministry of Education and the academic staff of the faculties of Education and of the Department of the Education in the universities. At a time when a qualitative system of Education for all is envisaged on a international level, it is felt that teachers be introduced to a class room after having followed even a short training course. 

A common syllabus prepared jointly by the academic staff of the faculties of Education of the university of Colombo and of the Open University together with the academic staff of the Department of Education of the university of Peradeniya .

This course for the benefit of the newly recruited graduate teachers is conducted on weekends for 21 days free of charge. And attendance of 90% of the lectures is a requirement for the completion of the course.

The Education Department of the University of Peradeniya has added agreed importance to this course. Up to date 1000 newly recruited graduate teachers out of a list of 3500 provided by the Ministry of Education to the university Departments of Education have followed this training programme since its inauguration in August 2006. This time it is expected to train a further 500 teachers selected from the list provided.

Objectives of the programme

  1. To provide an Basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the teaching profession of effective teachers.
  2. To provide a fundamental knowledge regarding the teaching profession
  3. To introduce qualitative attitudes required for the teaching profession
  4. To familiarize with the elementary activities in the teaching and learning methodologies of the classroom.