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Faculty of Medicine

The Medical Faculty English Course conducted by the ELTU teachers. On entry the medical students are subject to an English course that is of 3 months or longer in duration. This is the Intensive Course and students are divided into groups of mixed ability and the basic tenants of English that include Reading, Writing, Listening and Speech with several other components are taught. The idea is to give the students an ‘immersion experience’ and this helps to foster an ideal English learning atmosphere.

During the Intensive course weekly tests are held to gauge the progress of English. At the beginning of the year a diagnostic test is held to group students and at the end of the Intensive Course another test is administered to evaluate the performance attained.

There is also an On-going course that is held for two years covering the 2nd MBBS period.

The On-going Course is oriented towards giving the students medically oriented English. Attendance during this course is good. The curriculum coordinating committee works in close liaison with the ELTU and sends the subject area to be covered concerning English. After the end of the On-Going course the students are classed into respective UTEL bands that show their rank in English.