Meetings and Workshops in Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania, 31st November to 4th November 2022

“Developing Inclusive Education for Students with disabilities in Sri Lankan Universities” (IncEdu) being the first of its kind initiated with the lofty ideal of serving the students with disabilities in Sri Lankan Universities as its’ Coordinator, University of Peradeniya marked another milestone in its successful journey recently in Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. Community Awareness and Quality Assurance being the key areas discussed in the workshops, the participants from the consortium of local and European partners received immense input from one another regarding work carried out in each partner university. Sharing knowledge in the mode of discussions, feedback and workshops marked its final stage with its fourth project meeting. The meeting became the arena where all participants voiced the work carried out related to all work packages of Education of Educators, Creating Community Awareness, Quality Assurance, and Dissemination. There, the challenges, issues, and lessons learned were viewed in retrospection. Each local partner presented the progress of activities covered hitherto along with an overview of finances. The programme surely ended on a constructive note as specific plans for the completion of work packages too were identified.