Mr: Sumana Ratnayaka

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Dept. of Pali & Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.




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Born- 10-04-1953

Educational Qualifications:


B.A. (Hons.) -University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka (1983)

M.Litt. ( University of Oxford, U.K)

2007- to Date: Research Scholar, PhD Position , Presently completing the PhD thesis on Mindfulness: Classical and Modern Interpretations for the Department of History and Anthropology of Religions, CTR, Lund University, Sweden.

Appointments (Selected)


2002- to Date: Senior Lecturer (Grade II ), Department of Pāli and Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Visiting Appointments


June 1986 – Sept 1986 & Nov 1987 – Jan 1988: Lecturer (full time): in Pāli and Dharma Communication, Fo Kuang Shan International Institute, Taiwan.

2009 - to Date: Visiting lecturer , Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA).

Memberships & Awards


2008: Scholarship from Crafoordska stiftelsen Stiftelse , Sweden, - a grant for the field work on “Mindfulness: Classical and Modern Interpretations”, in Sri Lanka from March to September

1999: Scholarship from Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, Sweden , for the research studies at Oxford University..

1985: Mombusho Scholarship for graduate studies in Japan , which I had to give up for being invited to Sweden.

1980: First Prize in the Open Essay Competition Youth Poets' Society, Kandy.

1979: First Prize in the All Sri Lanka Open Essay Competition , the National Youth Council.

Keynote/Invited Papers:


1985-1993: Guest Lecturer in Religious Studies (Buddhism) at universities of Uppsala , Gothenburg, Umeå, Stockholm, and Teachers' Training College of Stockholm, Sweden

Research Interests:


Buddhist meditation, Mindfulness: classical and modern interpretations

Research Publications (Selected)


•  2011-2012: “ Buddhism in Scandinavia ” 2600 Years of Sambuddhatva: Global Journey of Awakening edited by Oliver Abenayake and Asanga Tilakaratne. Colombo: Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka.

•  2010: “ Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation from a Buddhist Perspective ” Post-War Reconstruction in Sri Lanka: Prospects and Challenges edited by Dhammika Herath, Kristine Hoglund, Michael Schulz and Kalinga Tudor Silva. Kandy: International Centre for Ethnic Studies.

•  2010 : Co-translator of the Heart of Buddhist Meditation by Ven Nyanaponika, into Sinhala entitling it: Bauddha Bhāvanāve Hadavata. Kandy: BPS.

•  2007: Editor, Buddhist Studies in Honour of Venerable Kirindigalle Dhammaratana, and author of its Introduction, Colombo.

•  2005 Dec.9-11: “ Subjects for Theravada Buddhist Studies in Scandinavia ”, paper presented at the Conference, 30th Anniversary, Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Kelaniya University.

•  2004 : “ The Buddhist Concept of Mettā : Its Effective Applications in Real Life Situations.” paper presented at International Conference, Peradeniya University.

•  2004: “ An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and Psychotherapy .” Symposium on Buddhist Stduies. Ed. by K. Rahula. Thames Meditation Society, U.K.

•  1994: “ Our Real Home!”, Romulus, Wolfson College Magazine, Oxford

•  1996: “ Independence in a Buddhist Perspective ”, Vesak, Thames BV, Surrey.

•  1993 “ Wholesome Insight and Transformation ”, Newsletter, Stockholm BV.

•  1993: “ Man's Position in the Flux of Obsessions, in the Buddhist Perspective ”, submitted to the University of Oxford with the application for admission as a graduate student.

•  1992: “ Practice for All: Seven Factors of Enlightenment ” Newsletter, Stockholm BV.

•  1986: “ Ethical Aspects of World Buddhism as a Contribution to World Culture ”, World Sutric and Tantric Buddhist Conference Report, Fo Kuang Shan, Taiwan.

Active Participation in Conferences

•  2007 Oct 12: The Donation of TIPITAKA (40 volumes) to the International Court of Justice, the Peace Palace in the Hague, the Netherlands .

•  2007 May 5: International Conference on Peace through Human Development , Oslo, Norway.

•  2005 Mar 6: Inauguration and Donation of the International Romanized Pali Tipitaka to Sri Lanka, BMICH, Colombo.

•  2005 Sep: Inauguration and Donation of the International Romanized Pali Tipitaka to Uppsala University, Sweden.

•  2005 Dec. 9-11 : Conference at the 30th Anniversary of the Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies , Kelaniya University, BMICH.

•  2005: SISHVa Dialogue –III. Society for The Integration of Science and Human Values. Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Colombo.

•  2003: M.C. at the Conference of the Sri Lanka Association for Buddhist Studies , International Buddhist Centre for Research and Development, Kandy

•  1996: International Interfaith Conference , Westminster College, Oxford, England.

•  1986: World Sutric and Tantric Buddhist Conference , Fo Kuang Shan, Taiwan.


•  2009 Apr 16: “ An Introduction to Meditation Lineages of Sri Lanka ” Dept. of History and Anthropology of Religions, Lund University, Sweden.

•  2008 Nov 01: “ Forest Monastic Practices in Contemporary Sri Lanka ”, Dept. of History and Anthropology of Religions, Lund University, Sweden.

•  2002 Aug 6: Essentials of Theravada Buddhism ”, International Seminar: Exchange of Buddhist Thought and Culture; the Joint Auspices of Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka, and Dongguk University, Korea.

•  1999: “ Meanings in Transition from Early Buddhism to Theravada : A Study of the Development of Some Key Buddhist Concepts ”, Graduate Seminar, Oriental Institute, Oxford University.

•  1997: “ An Introduction to the Sa gītisuttavannanā ”, Oriental Institute, Oxford University,

•  1988: “ Buddhist Modernization in Burma ”, Institute of History of Religions, Uppsala University, Sweden.

•  1988: “ Buddhism Today ”, Per Brahe-gymnasiet, Sweden.

•  1985: “ Birth Decay and Death in the Buddhist Perspective ”, Institute of History of Religions, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Public lectures (selected)

•  2012 Oct 10: Significance of Attitudinal Transformation for Personality Development. (with power point presentation and guided meditation) , Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA).

•  2010 Dec 19: “ Mindfulness and its applicability in Everyday Life” (with power point presentation and guided meditation) , London BV.

•  2010 Dec 8: “ The Significance of the Bodhi Day ” Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, Milton Keynes, AFBS Quarterly Meditation Day, UK.

•  2010 Oct 9: Guided Meditation and Question Time , 9-10.30 am. Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA), Pallekele.

•  2008 Aug 3: “ An Inquiry into the Meditation Methods Used in Sri Lanka ” Sri Pushpadana Auditorium, Kandy.

•  2008 Apr 8: The Practice of Mindfulness at Work Making our Professions More Productive , Damsak Foundation, Court Complex, Kandy.

•  2007 Jun 2: “ Attitudinal Changes Necessary for Our Own Good ” Stockholm BV.

•  2007 May 5: “ How to deal with violence – the Buddhist Way ” International Conference on Peace through Human Development, Oslo, Norway.

•  2005 Oct 3: “ ML Maniratana Bunnag Dhamma Society's International Romanized Edition of the Tipitaka, at Buddharama Temple, Sweden.

•  2005 Sep 12: “ The Buddhist Era 2500 Great Internat ional Council Pali Tipitaka Edition and the Chulachomklao the Great of Siam (King Chulalongkorn) Pali Tipitaka Edition Printed in 1893” Royal Library, Stockholm.

•  2001 Mar 2: “ The Four Noble Truths”, Uppsala University, Institute of Theology.

•  2001 Feb 26: “ What is Early Buddhism ?”, University of Stockholm, Institute of Comparative Religions.

•  1998 May 10: " Understanding, Conceit and Conceptualizing ", London BV.

•  1998 Jan 28: " The Buddha's Path: A Way Out of Suffering ", Oxford University Buddhist Society, Linacre College, Oxford.

•  1996 May 5: " Being Aware of the Causal Relationships ", London BV.

•  1996 Feb 4: " Application of Independence for Peace ", Thames BV, Surrey.

•  1995 Sep 28: " Pali Canonical Approach to Meditation ", East-Asian Museum, Stockholm.

•  1995 Jun 3: " Meditation: The Positive Thinking ", London BV.

1995 Mar 29: " Buddhism", SS Mary & Nicholas Church, Littlemore , Oxford, UK.
Other Credentials


•  2003-2006: Treasurer, Peradeniya Forum of Buddhist Studies.

•  2004: Senior student counselor, Arts Faculty, University of Peradeniya.

•  2004: Consultant editor of the journal Sāragavesi, University of Peradeniya.

•  2005-2007: Chairman, World Tipitaka Project of Thailand for Sri Lanka.

•  2000-2002: Academic Consulta nt who wrote master plan, developed curricula and conducted study courses for establishing the International Buddhist University College, Thailand, supported by the Than Hsian Foundation, Malaysia.

•  1985-1993: Founder Chief Monk of the Stockholm Buddhist Vihāra, Sweden. .

•  1985-1993: Editor for the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara (BV) Newsletter.

•  Sep 1984 – Mar 1985: Research Assistant, Buddhist & Pāli University, Sri Lanka.

•  Jan 1984 – Aug 1984: Founder Principal, Sri Sudharmodaya Pirivena (Institute) to educate the unprivileged lay and ordained students, Kirindigalla, Sri Lanka.

•  1979-1984: Headmaster, Mihindu Sunday School, Ragama, Sri Lanka.

•  1980-1983: Tutor in English as a Second Language, and Contemporary Logic and Dialectics, Vidyalankara Pirivena, Sri Lanka.

•  1982-1983: Warden and Disciplinarian, Vidyalankara Pirivena, Sri Lanka.

•  Participated in several television and radio programmes, both in Sri Lanka and in Sweden, to talk about religious and cultural issues.