Departments of Fine Arts

Manoj Sumeda Bandara Alawathukotuwa

Dr. Manoj Sumeda Bandara Alawathukotuwa

Office address:

Department of Fine Arts,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.


Phone: 0777627931


I was born in Kandy in1976.Completed primary/Secondary education in Kingswood College, Kandy, Mphil and BA degrees in the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka respectively in 2002and 2009.I have been reading my PhD degree in the department of Music, University of Delhi, India.

Educational Qualifications
* BA (Peradeniya)
* M.Phil. ( Peradeniya)
* PhD (Delhi)
Appointments (Selected)
* Lecturer Confirmed
* Department of Music, University of Kelaniya , Kelaniya
* Faculty of Performing Arts, “Sripali Campus”, Wewala, Horana, Colombo
Memberships & Awards
* ISLE Wilhelm Fellowship 2011
* National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science (NCES) Grant 2010 Sri Lanka
* International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Development Bureau Fellowship 2009, Geneva , Switzerland
Invited Papers
* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B., (2010) “Traditional Technology and Customs behind the Process of Making Drums as a Cultural Heritage in Sri Lanka ”. Conference of the Cultural Heritage of Performing Arts over Future Internet, KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, October 2010.

* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B.,(2009) “An Ethno-Archeological Study of Drum Making in Sri Lanka ”. Conference Proceedings, The City University of New York , September 2009, P 09

* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B.,(2008) “Embedding Western Music Instruments in Sri Lankan Temple Paintings of the Life Of the Lord Buddha(Music Iconographic study)” Conference Proceedings, Otego University, New Zealand, June 2008,P 01
Research Interests
* North Indian Music, Musicology and Ethnomusicology
Research Publications
* Alawathukotuwa, M.S.B.,(2004). Musical Signs of Folk Dramas in Sri Lanka ( Sinhala Medium). Colombo : S. Godage Brothers.

* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B., 2008. “Music of Dalada Procession”, sacred culture of the Tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. D.R. Herath and others, ed. Kandy : Council of central province, December. 31-39 pages.

* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B., 2005: Music and Communication (Sinhala Medium) .Madya wimarshi. No 04 University of Kelaniya. PP75-83.

* Alawathukotuwa M.S.B., 2004. Music used in Funeral rites of Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka an Ethnomusicological study (Sinhala Medium). Induwara sociological research journal. No 02, PP 377-388.
Other Credentials
* Execrative Committee member of the Asia Pacific Cultural Committee from 2010
* Co-Coordinator of the Special Needs Recourse Centre, Faculty of Arts from10.09.2011
* Senior student Counselor, University of Peradeniya in 2010
* Treasure of the of Arts faculty teachers union (FUTA) from 2010.09.18
* Member of the University Research Sessions of the University of Peradeniya from 2007
* Member of the University Convocation Committee of the University of Peradeniya from 2002
* Executive Committee Member of the Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya in 2007
* Person in charge of the IRQUE Project Under the cultural Activities of the University of Peradeniya in 2007

Department of Fine Arts