Center for the Study of Human Rights

University of Peradeniya

Certificate Course in Human Rights


This is a short term course consisting of forty eight hours of lectures conducted on eight consecutive Saturdays

  1. To provide a basic knowledge on international standards of human rights and the UN system on the protection of human rights
  2. To provide a basic knowledge on fundamental rights and the rights protection mechanism in Sri Lanka

Course Content

Unit No.

Lecture Topics

CHR 01-1

Concept of Human Rights

CHR 02-1

Introduction to International Human Rights Norms and Standards I – Bill of Human Rights

CHR 02-2

Introduction to International Human Rights Norms and Standards II - Other Conventions and Treaties

CHR 03-1

First Generation Rights: Civil and Political Rights

CHR 04-1

Second Generation Rights: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

CHR 05-1

Rights of The Child

CHR 05-2

Rights of Women

CHR 05-3

Basic Consumer Rights

CHR 05-4

Rights of Workers

CHR 05-5

Minority Rights

CHR 05-6

Citizens’ Rights and Responsibilities

CHR 05-7

Right to Information

CHR 05-8

Right to Development and Right to Clean Environment

CHR 06-1

Basic Health Rights

CHR 07-1

Human Rights Redness, Procedures and Mechanisms: Fundamental Rights of 1978 Constitution in Sri Lanka, Judicial Protection and Role of Ombudsman

CHR 07-2

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka  

CHR 07-3

Human Rights Based Approaches

CHR 08-1

Regional Human Rights Systems

CHR 09-1

Introduction to International Humanitarian Law

CHR 10-1

Fieldwork- Group Assignment

CHR 10-2

Fieldwork- Group Assignment

CHR 10-3

Fieldwork- Group Assignment


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Three passes in one sitting at the G.C.E. Advanced Level and one of the following:
    • A member of an NGO engaged in the fields of Human Rights/ Community Development; or
    • An employee of public or private sector institution with two years service; or
    • An individual with proven track record or engaged in HR related community activities.
  2. An internal student of the University of Peradeniya or any other university in Sri Lanka.
  3. A member of an NGO with six passes in the GCE O/L and five years service experience in the NGO field.