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Department of English Language Teaching

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

2000 Level Courses

ELA 2103: Intermediate English Reading and Writing

This course will ensure that students are successful at UTEL Level 5 in the Reading and Writing examinations. More specifically, the course aims to familiarize students with academic texts of a descriptive and argumentative nature, including visuals such as graphs and tables, as well as to ensure that they can summarize, take notes, skim and scan effectively, and write short narrative/ descriptive/ informative texts.

ELA 2204: Intermediate English Speaking and Listening

This course ensures that students are successful at UTEL Level 5 in the Listening and Speaking examinations. They will, therefore, be able to listen to and grasp the main idea of a short speech, through an understanding of sequence markers and key vocabulary related to these spoken texts, which will include subject-related English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Students will also be able to make short descriptive speeches about themselves, their surroundings, and their basic substantive disciplines.