Department of Geography

University of Peradeniya

General Information

Welcome to the website of the Department of Geography at The University of Peradeniya! We are the number one Geography Department in Sri Lanka in terms of staff strength, research output, contribution to knowledge and serving the nation. Our programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive perspective on Geography by disseminating knowledge in a wide range of courses in Physical Geography, Human Geography, Applied Geography and Geographical Skills.

The key feature of our programme is that students will have the option of specializing in either Physical or Human Geography based on their interest. Courses in demand such as GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Impact Assessment, Disaster Management, Surveying, etc., are well-incorporated into our curriculum.

Many courses include both in-class laboratory and fieldwork modules to enhance the practical and field skills of our students. In the final year, the students are required to carry out a field- or laboratory-based research project and submit a dissertation enabling them to advance their communication skills, independent working ability and innovativeness.