Department of Sinhala

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Programme

SLS 1001 Introduction to Literature
SLS 1002 Introduction to Language

ESS 2001 Colloquial Sinhala for Non- Sinhala speakers
SLS 2001 Classical Sinhala Prose
SLS 2002 Eastern and Western Dramatic Traditions and Modern Sinhala Drama
SLS 2003 Research Methods and Textual Editing
SLS 2004 Sinhala Culture Part I: From Pre-historic Times to Kurunegala Period
SLS 2005 Creative Writing
SLS 2006 Sinhala Vocabulary Studies
SLS 2007 Modern Literary Sinhala
SLS 2008 Modern Sinhala Poetry: from 19th Century to the Present
SLS 2009 Sinhala Textual Studies
SLS 2010 Mass Communication and Journalism
SLS 2011 Translation Theories and Practical Translation Part I
SLS 2012 Sidat Sangarawa and Later Grammatical Works

SLS 3001 Sigiri Graffiti and Gi Poetry
SLS 3002 Sinhala Fiction: Short Stories
SLS 3003 Descriptive Linguistics
SLS 3004 An Introduction to Modern Western Literary Theory and Criticism Part I
SLS 3005 Sinhala Culture Part II: Gampola to the Present
SLS 3006 Sanskrit Literary Theory
SLS 3007 Sinhala Folklore and Folk Beliefs
SLS 3008 Sinhala Fiction: The Novel
SLS 3009 Western Literary Theory and Criticism. Part II
SLS 3010 Sinhala Poetry from Gampola to the End of Kandyan Period
SLS 3011 Sinhala Prose from the End of the Kurunagala Period to the Beginning of the 20th Century
SLS 3012 Translation Theories and Practical Translation Part II
SLS 3013 Modern Sinhala Prose (Non-Fictions)
SLS 3014 Introduction to Tamil Literature in Sinhala
SLS 3015 Cultural and Social Study of Literature
SLS 3099 Dissertation (Part I)

SLS 4001 Sinhala Exegetical Literature
SLS 4002 Historical Linguistic and History of Sinhala Language
SLS 4003 Epigraphy and Sinhala Inscriptions
SLS 4004 Comparative Literature
SLS 4005 Principles of Aesthetics and Art of the East and the West
SLS 4006 Cultural Activities
SLS 4007 Literature of Ceylon in European Languages (From 17th Century to 20th Century)
SLS 4008 Interconnections between Fiction and Film
SLS 4099 Dissertation (Part II)