Department of Arabic & Islamic Civilization

University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Programme

The Department offers two main disciplines;

  1. Arabic Language
  2. Islamic Civilization
           Leading to the General / Special Degree in Arts.


The Arabic syllabus consists 29 units. They include the components of classical and modern Arabic language, grammar, prose and poetry which could produce efficient graduates in the field of Arabic.

Islamic Civilization

The Islamic Civilization syllabus consists 30 units. They deal with the major elements of Islamic studies such as; Tafsir, Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence, and concentrate on contemporary issues as well as the history of Muslims of Sri Lanka. Over all the syllabi of Arabic and Islamic Civilization are designed to cater to the demands of the modern world aiming at producing good scholars in the above said disciplines.

  • Courses offered in both English and Tamil medium.
  • Such courses offered in Sinhala medium also.

The Department offers the following Courses in Arabic and Islamic Civilization

Arabic - First Semester

ARB 101: Introduction to Arabic Language and Literature

ARB 201: Modern Arabic Prose

ARB 202: Modern Arabic Poetry

ARB 203: Arabic Grammar

ARB 204: Hadith Literature

ARB 301: Arabic Language and Grammar

ARB 302: Quran and Tafsir

ARB 303: Islamic History (750 A.D – 1774 A.D)

ARB 304: The History of Arabic Literature during the Umayyad Period

ARB 401: Unspecified Literary Arabic Text and Prose Composition

ARB 402: History of Muslims of Sri Lanka (8th Century –1948 A.D)

ARB 403: Madrasa Education in South Asia and Middle East

ARB 404: Balagha (Rhetoric)

Arabic - Second Semester

ARB 102: Arabic Language and Literature

ARB 205: Arabic Poetry and Grammar

ARB 206: Classical and Modern Arabic Prose

ARB 207: Balagha (Arabic Rhetoric)

ARB 208: History of Arabic Literature

ARB 305: Arabic Language and Grammar -11

ARB 306: Modern Arabic Poets in the Muslim Countries

ARB 307: Modern Arabic Drama Theatre and Music

ARB 308: The History of Arabic Literature under the Abbasid Period

ARB 404: Balagha (Rhetoric)

ARB 405: Translation, Techniques of Translation and Spoken Arabic

ARB 406: The History of Modern Short Stories, Novels, Poetries and Prose in Arabic Literature

ARB 407: Madah Literature

ARB 408: Poems of Jahiliya Period

Islamic Civilization - First Semester

ISC 101: Fundamental Sources of Islamic Civilization

ISC 201: Development and Implementation of Islamic Law

ISC 202: Islamic History

ISC 203: Concept of Usra, Umma and Khilafat

ISC 204: Advanced Arabic - I

ISC 301: Islamic History (from Umayyad Period up to 1258 A.D)

ISC 302: Critical Study of Modern Muslim Thinkers

ISC 303: Ethical Code of Islam based on Holy Quran and Sunna

ISC 304: Advanced Arabic - III

ISC 401: International Relations in Islam

ISC 402: Advanced Arabic - V

ISC 403: Islamic Educational Institutions

ISC 404: Islamic History 1258 - 1924 A.D

Islamic Civilization - Second Semester

ISC 102: Sources of Islamic Shariah

ISC 205: Advanced Arabic - II

ISC 206: History of Islamic Science

ISC 207: Philosophical and Mystical Thought in Islam

ISC 208: Development of Tafsir

ISC 305: History of Muslims of Sri Lanka 8. A.D – 1948 A.D

ISC 306: Spread of Islam in South and South Asia

ISC 307: Arkanul Islam

ISC 308: Advanced Arabic – IV

ISC 404: Islamic History 1258- 1924 A.D

ISC 405: The Contribution of Muslims Towards Fine Arts and Architecture

ISC 406: Socio- Religious and Political Problems of the Muslims of Sri Lanka in the Post Independent Period

Build up mutual understanding

The Department aims to build up mutual understanding among the different religious and diverse cultures

  • Society of Arabic & Islamic Studies - Established in 2002
  • Publication of An-Nahdha (Annual Journal of Department of Arabic & Islamic Civilization)