Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya


CIVCO specifically aims to:

  • Coordinate internship and field practice activities of the academic departments of the Faculty of Arts.
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver community-based voluntary activities for students of the Faculty of Arts.
  • Collaborate with private sector organisations to involve students in non-for-profit and community-benefits oriented voluntary activities, for example CSR activities etc.
  • Organize community outreach programmes for students on a range of collective group activities in collaboration with the community sector, for example, community-based, self-helping and welfare organisations, including helping CBOs in their documenting work etc.
  • Develop a broad network of academic staff, students and industry experts and practitioners from public, private, NGO and community sectors, and maintain a continuous mutually benefiting dialog between the academia, community and the industry on new trends, progressive changes and new developments in the respective sectors.
  • Promote joining the UN Volunteers V-Force network which provides volunteer opportunities for young people to strengthen skills and gain exposure to the work of the United Nations. V-Force provides a nationwide platform for volunteers to network, collaborate and promote volunteerism.
  • Create an enabling environment for students to grow with socio-emotional and employability skills for career development and an attitude of social responsibility and positive world view for national contribution.