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Prizes, Medals, and Scholarships

Undergraduate Students' Achievements Rewarded

Awards to the students reading Greek and Roman Studies and Sanskrit will be made on the basis of the aggregate marks they obtain for the first and second semester courses of the first year. To be eligible for the awards students should fulfill the following requirements.

  • The marks should be obtained at the First Offering of the relevant course/ courses.
  • There should not be an "Incomplete" (I) grade in any first year course.
  • Where more than one candidate becomes eligible for an award on the basis of Aggregate Marks, the award shall be held jointly.

Mervyn Kulatilleke Prize for Greek or Greek and Roman Studies

Awarded to the student who shows greatest competence in Greek or Greek and Roman Studies (highest Aggregate Marks for GRS 101 and GRS 102).

Murugesar Tambiah Memorial Prize for Sanskrit

Awarded to the student who shows greatest competence in Sanskrit (highest Aggregate Marks for SKT 101 and SKT 102).

Dr. George H. Wickramanayake Memorial Scholarship
(for Greek or Latin or Greek and Roman Studies)

This Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the results of the first year. It is awarded to the best student (highest aggregate marks for the two courses comprising the subject) in the first year from amongst those who opted to take Greek as a subject for the Special Degree. If there is no student for Greek, the Scholarship will be awarded to the best amongst those taking Latin, and if there is none for Latin also, then for the best student who takes Greek and Roman Studies. Thus the order of priority is to be Greek, Latin, Greek and Roman Studies giving greater importance to the study of the Languages proper themselves.

Morontuduwe Sri Dhammananda Scholarships for Buddhist Monks and Dasasil Mathas

There shall be three Scholarships to be awarded annually utilizing 1/9 of 80% of the annual interest accrued to the capital equally amongst nine students. The balance 20% of the interest shall be credited to the capital at the end of each year. The three Scholarships shall be awarded in the following manner.

  • One for Pali
  • One for Buddhist Studies
  • One for Sanskrit

The Scholarships shall be awarded to Buddhist Monks and Dasasil Mathas reading for the Special Degree in Pali, Buddhist Studies, and Sanskrit.

Student should obtain the highest Average mark (not less than 60%) over the two courses (101 and 102) of the relevant principal discipline.

Dr. C. A. Hewavitharana Memorial Prize for Sanskrit

This prize is awarded to the student who graduates majoring in Sanskrit and scores the highest GPA in Sanskrit.

Pahamune Sri Sumangala Gold Medal for Excellence in Sanskrit

This Gold Medal is awarded on the basis of the overall performance of the student throughout his full career in the University. The award shall thus be given annually to the student who has

  • obtained the highest GPA at the Special Arts Degree courses in Sanskrit from 100 to 400 level and
  • obtained a minimum of B+ or its equivalent at the first available attempt and
  • passed all the courses offered at the first available attempt in the relevant examinations conducted by the Faculty and has obtained a minimum of a Second Class (Upper Division) pass or its equivalent Cumulative GPA.

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