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Peradeniya Law Dialogues for Public Education (No. 1): States of emergency, food security and democracy

The Department of Law has always been conscious of its duty, towards the general public from its inception in 2009. Due to its unique curriculum with an inter-disciplinary approach, the Department offers a unique LL.B Degree, with a strong social justice orientation. In line with this core objective, the Law Department decided to initiate and facilitate a forum where the general public can discuss and understand the laws that governs them. This webinar marks the first out of many webinars that are yet to come.
The webinar was held virtually on the 30th of September, 2021. The webinar discussed the existing legal framework that governs the current imposition of the state of emergency, and addressed issues of concern to the citizens regarding the use of emergency powers for the purposes of ensuring food security, and the larger implications for democracy. The webinar was conducted in all three languages.

Webinar 1 Flyer - English
Webinar 1 Flyer - Sinhala