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Societies and Outreach Programmes

Peradeniya Forum of Buddhist Studies

The PFBS was formed to conduct such activities as special seminars, lectures, social events, and publications for the betterment of the members of the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, to promote links with the past students and teachers of the Department, and to promote the good image of the Department locally and internationally.
Those who wish to obtain membership please contact Prof. P.D. Premasiri, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Peradeniya (email: palibuddhist@pdn.ac.lk )


‘Udana Outing’ (Joyful Outing) was the response to the aftermath of the tsunami on the part of a new society formed jointly by the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies of the University of Peradeniya and the Nilambe Meditation Centre. The idea was to invite affected children and parents to Kandy, the beautiful hilly town away from the sea and the affected area to simply give them a ‘good time’.


The ‘Udana Outing’ was run and conducted by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankans. Our vision and mission was and is to empower Sri Lankans to heal Sri Lankans and to see the disaster as a challenge to those committed to the task of the betterment of this beloved country.

Five Udana Outings have been conducted where 130 children from the affected areas of the North and North East participated. The program received glowing reports from the teachers and principals of schools on the favourable responses of the children towards the benefits of the programme. The children returned home encouraged that their plight had not been forgotten.

We kept our promise to entertain them and give them good time. It was not easy as the children were not trusting us to start with and as one of the girls on the last night said in her speech ‘So many promises are made to us and we find that somehow they are not fulfilled. We have been through the war and had two years of respite. Now it’s the tsunami. We felt that we are the forgotten people or maybe not. We are encouraged to go back and to face our difficulties courageously since now we feel we are not alone’. On departing one of the teachers said ‘I have not slept since the tsunami day and these are the first nights I had of peaceful sleep since then’.

Udana has now set apart Rs. 1,000,000.00 for scholarships to new entrants to the University of Peradeniya from tsunami-affected families. The Society is also in the process of depositing Rs. 10,000.00 each for the benefit of school children who participated in the Udana Outings programme.

Presentation of Saving Accounts

On 5th January representatives of the children from Trincomalee and Pottavile who participated in the Udana programme, accompanied by their teachers, arrived at Gal Bungalawa. A ceremony was held the following evening at Peradeniya University Educational Hall to mark the presentation of savings accounts to the children. Each child received ten thousand rupees in their own account, which is intended to be spent on their university education. The ceremony was attended by the President of Udana Professor Premasiri, the Vice Chancellor of the University, the Dean of the Arts Faculty, and other members of the Udana committees. After the ceremony a meal was held and some of the children performed songs and dances for the audience. Mr Upul and Mr Leelanda must be thanked for their hard work in organizing the ceremony and other activities of Udana in the past, and hopefully in the future. The teachers have requested that help be extended to prepare the children for their O-Level examinations, and to inspire them to continue their education in these troubled times. There is a particular need for help with English tuition, which could be provided by volunteers within Sri Lanka and from abroad.



Joy of Knowledge

‘More beneficial than what neither mother, nor father, nor any other relative can do, a well-directed mind does ’ (The Buddha’s teaching Dhammapada, Ch.3 43)

Joy Of Knowledge is series of CDs of talks on various subjects in Buddhism. The CDs are informative, challenging and were delivered to people from all over the world as well as students and lecturers from the university. The emphasis is on the simple joy of acquiring knowledge.

There are two talks delivered by Professor P.D. Premasiri, which were enhanced by the professor’s infectious pride and delight in the subjects. Those of us who were privileged enough to participate and listen to the talks would like to share this experience with you.

Talk number one – Buddhist Meditation

Talk number two – Relationship in Buddhism

Price - $8.00

We are in the processes of producing the next CD on the subject ‘Happiness from the Perspective of Buddhism’

Joy of Knowledge is a non-profit making programme that utilises the proceedings from the sale of CDs produced to produce more on other informative subjects related to the basic teachings of Buddhism.

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