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Lokanthara - A Stage Drama Production

The Department of Classical Languages produced a stage drama titled "Lokanthara" in 2014.





A play about the living, the dead, and the undead.

Whoever you are or wherever you are, you will have to fight for your rights.

But who will listen?

Blending the Greek concept with strong Sinhala lyrics the chorus of dead souls delivers the ideal fusion that goes with the sinister, creepy undertone of the play.

“Lokanthara” a tragicomedy devised along the lines of Classical Greek performances, is a play that straddles two worlds and moves between diverse eras in history.


Script: Renascor - "වෙනසක හමුවක්" Theatre Ensemble
Music Director: Pamuditha Manelanga
Director: Muditha Dharmasiri

Department of Classical Languages, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
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