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Greek & Roman Studies in Peradeniya

The existing undergraduate syllabus has undergone revisions to the title of its discipline and to its content. The former title of its discipline Western Classical Culture (WCC) has been changed to Greek and Roman Studies (GRS) and the new title will be applied to the courses offered from 2012 onwards.

The rationale behind this major revision to the existing syllabus is the need to avoid ambiguity of this subject, which is entitled Greek and Roman Civilization (GRC) in the school curriculum for General Certificate of Education (A/L), at university level by linking the two names closely.

This change does not affect the content of the discipline and it is hoped that it would help avoid misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the subject.

Also, a number of completely new courses have been added to the existing syllabus, and several exiting courses have undergone minor revisions such as the changing of prescribed texts etc taking current needs and trends in the field of Greek and Roman studies into consideration.

However, since the changing of the former title WCC to GRS affects the entire syllabus, all the courses, including those that have undergone minor changes, are considered New Courses.

Degree & Non-Degree Program on Greek & Roman Studies

All the Degree and non-Degree programs in Western Classics currently offered by the Department will be offered under the new title. Currently only the internal Undergraduate Program in GRS is ready to be offered. More information regarding the other Degree Programs will follow.

Degree Programs

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