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Courses offered by the Department of Economics are among the most popular in the Faculty of Arts. In a given academic year, departmental course offerings are taken by over 1000 undergraduate students. The Special Degree in Economics offered by the Department is one of the most competitive and popular programmes in the Faculty of Arts. Each academic year, about 80 second year students (in all three media) are selected to the Special Degree programme. In addition, many students following the General Degree Programme, choose Economics as one of their main disciplines. Students intending to follow the Special Degree programme in Economics, or to offer Economics as a main discipline for the General Degree, are required to follow ECN 103 (Economics and Society), ECN 104 (Introduction to Economics Analysis), Mathematics (FND 101) and English course in their first year. Selection to the Special Degree is based on student performance in these subjects.


Courses offered by the Department

100 Level
ECN 101 - Introductory Microeconomics (For CM Students-Faculty of Science)
ECN 102 - Introductory Macroeconomics (For CM Students-Faculty of Science)
ECN 103 - Economics and Society
ECN 104 - Introduction to Economic Analysis
FND 101 - Basic Mathematics
FND 115 - ICT Skills
200 Level
Special Degree
ECN 201 - Microeconomics I
ECN 202 - Macroeconomics I
ECN 203 - Mathematics for Economics
ECN 204 - Statistics I
ECN 205 - History of Economic Thought
ECN 214 - Statistics II
ECN 216 - Global Economy
ECN 217 - Applied Economics
General Degree
ECN 200 - Economics
ECN 207 - Sri Lankan Economy: Issues in Development

300 Level
Special Degree

ECN301 - Microeconomics II

ECN302 - Macroeconomics II

ECN309 - Research Methods

ECN324 - Econometrics I

ECN333 - Issues in Economic Development

ECN334 - Econometrics II

ECN337 - Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

ECN362 - Financial Markets & Development Finance

General Degree

ECN306 - International Economics

ECN322 - Money & Banking

ECN325 - Economic History

ECN328 - Agricultural Economics and Policy

ECN343 - Development Policy & Planning

400 Level
Labor and Demographic Economics
1. ECN461 Economics of Labor Markets
2. ECN471 Demographic Economics
Financial Economics
1. ECN462 Securities and Investment Analysis
2. ECN472 Financial Economics
Economic Development and Public Policy
1. ECN463 Public Sector Economics
2. ECN473 Urban Economics
Statistics and Econometrics
1. ECN464 Non-Parametric Methods
2. ECN474 Time Series Econometrics
International Economics
1. ECN466 International Trade: Theory and Policy
2. ECN476 International Finance
Environmental Economics
1. ECN467 Economics of Natural Resources Management and Environment
2. ECN477 Environmental Valuation
ECN428 Agricultural Development and Policy
ECN431 Industrial Organization
ECN433 Gender and Development
ECN453 Special Topics in Economic Development
ECN454 Statistics III
ECN460 Project Planning and Appraisal
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