Department of Economics & Statistics

Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya

Prof. ASP Abhayarathne

Senior Professor

PhD (UK), MPhil (Peradeniya), MA (UK), BA (Peradeniya)

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About Me

Anoma Abhayaratne, Senior Professor in Economics, had her primary and secondary education at Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy before completing an honours degree in Economics at the University of Peradeniya . She subsequently obtained her MPhil from PGIA, University of Peradeniya and her MA and PhD from Essex University, UK. She served as the Head, Department of Economics and Statistics from 2006-2009 before assuming duties as the Dean, Faculty of Arts on 1st August 2009.



Essex University, UK


University of Peradeniya


Essex University, UK


University of peradeniya

Current Positions

Senior Professor - University of Peradeniya

Positions Held

Dean - Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya

2009 - 2011

Head - Department of Economics & Statistics, University of Peradeniya

2006 - 2009

Visiting Fellow - University of Essex

2004 - 2006

Visiting Fellow - University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

2003 - 2004


Member - Sri Lanka Economic Association.


Commonwealth Fellowship - Commonwealth scholarship Commission in the UK


Asia Fellowship - Asia Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand


Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarship - Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK


British Technical Co-operation Award - British Council, UK


P D Khan Gold Medal - University of Peradeniya


University Scholarship and M F Khan Prize - University of Peradeniya




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Abhayarathne, A. S. P. (2010) Role of Foreign Aid in Achieving Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka, in Economic and Environmental Sustainability of the Asian Region, Sucha Singh Gill, Lakhwinder Singh and Reena Marwah (eds), Routledge, New Delhi, p 203-25.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P, Dayaratne Banda O. G., Jayawickrama, J.M.A. and Ranatilaka, M.B. (eds) (2008) Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Economic Development, Sri Lankan Economy: Liberalisation and Development, Pathfinder Foundation, Colombo. Co-authou: K. M. G. A. Kasturi

Abhayaratne, A. S. P. (2008) Trapped in Poverty: Plantation workers in Sri Lanka, Ethnographic Discourse of the other: Conceptual and Methodological Issues, Mohanty, P., Malik, R. C. and Kasi, E. (eds), Cambridge Scholars Publishers, UK. P 234-246 Co-author: S. Rajendran.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2007) The Impact of Foreign Aid on Long Run Economic growth of Sri Lanka: An Econometric Study, in Lakshman, W. D. and Ratnayake, P. (eds), “Mobilizing Money, People and Resources for Economic Development’, The Economic Association of Saga University, Japan. P. 121-46. Co-author: Wasantha Athukorala

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2004) Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: lessons from the Malaysian Experience, in Marwah R. (editor), ‘Comparative Perspectives on Asian Development: A View from South Asia, New Delhi, p27-39.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (n.d) An Overview of Social Welfare Provisioning after 1977” in Kelegama, S. and D. Gunewardena (eds.) Economic and Social Development under a Market Economy Regime in Sri Lanka, Buddhadasa Hewavitharana Felicitation Volume 2, 337-366, Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications (jointly with C.R. Abayasekara)

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (1991) Patterns of Contraceptive Use of Women in a Rural Setting of Sri Lanka in R F Peters and J A Lewis (eds.) Social Sciences and Health in Sri Lanka, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, 116 – 134.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (n.d) Factors Influencing Reproductive Choices of Women in a Rural Area of Sri Lanka in Silva, K. T., Aponso, H. A. and Peters, R. F. (eds.) Feedback from health and social science research in Sri Lanka’, University


Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2009) Poverty Impact of Trade Liberalization in Sri Lanka: An Overview, Peradeniya Journal of Economics, Vol 2 No 1.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2008) Economic Policy and Poverty Alleviation: Malaysian Experience, 2008, Sambavana, Vol. 4, No. 1, p61-84.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2007) Trade and Growth: A Survey of the Endogenous Growth Theories, Modern Sri Lanka Studies, Vol 2 No 1.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2001) Rural Poverty in Sri Lanka: Main Characteristics and Causes, Sambavana, 2001, Vol. 2, No. 1, p42-54.

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (2001) Growth, Poverty and Inequality : Recent Trends in Sri Lanka, Samajeeyaa Vidya Vimarshana, Vol 1, No 2 (written in Sinhala), co-author: Dileni Gunewardene

Abhayaratne, A.S.P. (1996) Foreign Trade and Economic Growth Evidence from Sri Lanka, 1960-1992, Applied Economic Letters, Vol 3, 567-571.


Abhayarathne, A.S.P. (1998) International Trade and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis, PhD Thesis, Unpublished

Abhayarathne, A.S.P. (1993) Cointegration and Causality: An Application to the Relationship Between Exports and Economic Growth Sri Lanka, MA Thesis, Unpublished

Abhayarathne, A.S.P. (1992 ) Labour Force Participation and Fertility of Women in an Agrarian Community of Sri Lanka, MPhil Thesis, Unpublished


Annual Sessions 2011

“Prospects for and Risks in FDI and Portfolio Flows”. Presented at the Annual Sessions 2011, Sri Lanka Economic Association, Colombo (jointly with T.N. Vidanage) 25th Oct 2011

Presented at the Open Forum of the Sri Lanka Economic Association

“Foreign Direct Investment for Growth and Equity in Sri Lanka - Challenges, Risks, Opportunities”. Presented at the Open Forum of the Sri Lanka Economic Association, Colombo 24th May 2011.

International seminar on early Buddhism

“Right Livelihood in Early Buddhism: Is this Possible in the Modern World”, A paper presented at the International seminar on early Buddhism, University of Sydney, Australia. 2010

seminar organized by the Pathfinder Foundation

Budgetary Allocations in a Gender Perspective: Government Budget 2008, 2007, A paper presented at a seminar organized by the Pathfinder Foundation, Colombo. Co-authour:Anada Jayawickrama.

Peradeniya University Research Sessions

Economic Growth and Human Capital Investments in Sri Lanka, 2007, Proceedings, Peradeniya University Research Sessions, Co-author: K. M. G. A. Kasturi. 2007 .

UNU-WIDER Conference

Foreign Aid on Long Run Economic growth in Sri Lanka, 2006, A paper presented at UNU-WIDER Conference on Aid: Principles, Policies and Performance, Helsinki, Finland, 16-17, June 2006.

Research Interests

Issues of Development in Developing Countries

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