Departments of Fine Arts

History of the Department

The history of the study of Fine Arts at the University of Peradeniya can be traced back to 1972. Since then, the curriculum has been modified several times to achieve the best expectations. Year 2001 marks a significant milestone in this evolution since it was then that the department was properly established in the Peradeniya university premises and the existing syllabus was revised to be included in to the course unit system.

The Department of Fine Arts now offers both undergraduate (B.A special degree) and postgraduate degree programmes (M.A., MPhil, and PhD). Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours) is a four years degree programme which is especially aimed at producing a qualified and well-trained graduate with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

All the postgraduate programmes are devoted to provide not only a theoretical and academic training but also a valuable opportunity for candidates to complete specific researches and projects related to various discipline of Fine Arts.

DOFA is enriched with both human and physical resources. The academic staff attached to the department are not only the well qualified academics but also the experienced professionals in the relevant fields. The department also has a pool of visiting lectures who are professionally and intellectually involved in fine arts.

Music Section:

The Music section of DOFA intends to facilitate both the undergraduates and postgraduates who specialize in music as part of their degree programs. The section includes a separate music room for the students to carry out their academic and practical works related to both eastern and western music.

The DOFA Music Section incorporates almost all the equipment, instruments and the technical devices used in the field.

Drama &Theatre Section:

The name "University of Peradeniya" itself marks a momentous chapter in the history of Sri Lankan drama and theatre. This is one of the reasons which the university is best known for. Therefore, we give a hight priority for theatre experiments in Drama & Theatre section. It is with great pleasure that the department states that it is well equipped with all the facilities (including latest lighting systems) to produce and direct a complete theatre productions. The department enables its students to use the theatre spaces in the university, such as the Sarachchandra Open Air Theatre, WUS and EOE Pereira Theatres etc.

Film & TV Section:

The Film & TV section of DOFA is also well equipped with facilities to create video productions (video films, video documentaries etc.) at the department.

More specifically, the department has two SONY Digital DV cameras and a Final Cut Pro Editing Suite for film and related productions and editing processes. There are facilities to produce a complete film or a TV program at DOFA.

Department of Fine Arts