Departments of Fine Arts

Academic Programmes

The major objective of DOFA is to equip its undergraduate students with a thorough academic background which includes not only the theoretical aspects of the genres covered, but also a practical training which especially aims at professional utilizations.

Undergraduate Programme

DOFA offers a B.A. (Special) degree in Fine Arts which provides both a strong academic background and practical expertise in respective fields/genres. The undergraduate students are given an opportunity to study the latest technologies such as computer graphics and digital filming in addition to their fields of specification.

A characteristic feature of the undergraduate programme is that it includes both Media Studies and Digital Technology for Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage Management in order to make the students familiar with the contemporary intellectual world.

Those who follow general degrees (three years) are also allowed to study fine arts related disciplines.

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Postgraduate Programmes

DOFA's postgraduate programmess include Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts, MA, MPhil and PhD programs with thoroughgoing academic as well as professional concerns. The Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts focuses on providing a comprehensive academic background for those who wish to follow a Masters degree programme. The major objective of MA, MPhil, and PhD degree programs is to introduce a well-qualified intellectual with specific focus on thoroughgoing research capacity and professional training.

Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts

Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts is especially for those who wish to obtain the preliminary knowledge and skills which are necessary follow the advanced postgraduate courses (MA, MPhil and PhD).
This is a one year course which intends to provide the fundamental academic background necessary to follow an MA or MPhil course. Those who do not have a First class or a Second class upper division Bachelor of Fine Arts (honors) degree are supposed to enroll in this program, if he/she wishes to obtain a postgraduate degree. Even if a student has a first class or a second class upper division BA (hons) degree in a discipline other than Fine Arts, he/she has to successfully complete this program before applying for a major postgraduate program.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts program has been designed to equip the students with the preliminary knowledge and training required to follow a major postgraduate degree program (Ma or MPhil). The topics covered by this program include Research Methods in Fine Arts, Theories of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Cultural Heritage Management, Introduction to Performing and Image Arts, Production Project in Fine Arts etc.

Master of Art in Fine Arts (MA)

The MA programme offered by DOFA is a twofold option. The department provides the students with two kinds of MA programmes: MA with research focus and MA with course work. In general, the MA in Fine Arts degree is a one year academic programme.

For a list of topics covered by MA in Fine Arts programme, please click here

Master of Philosophy in Fine Arts (MPhil)

The students must have a first class or a second class upper division BA degree in Fine Arts in order to enroll in the MPhil programme. Those who have a BA degree in a discipline other than Fine Arts have to go through the postgraduate diploma course (even if they have a first class or a second class upper division BA degree). The MPhil students must follow six subjects from the department and have to complete an individual research based thesis under a supervisor assigned by the department.

For a list of topics covered by MPhil in Fine Arts programme, please click here

Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts (PhD)

DOFA's PhD program is an excellent academic involvement and is conducted by the university lecturers and professionals with academic as well as field-specific expertise. A PhD applicant must have an MPhil to be eligible to apply for the program. However, if a student has more than one MA degrees, the department shall consider his/her academic excellence to allow him/her to enroll in the PhD program. All the PhD candidates at DOFA must complete a thesis under the supervision of an academic person appointed by the department.

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