Departments of Fine Arts

Introduction to the Department

Department of Fine Arts (DOFA) is situated in one of the most attractive locations in the Peradeniya university premises. It is especially devoted to contribute to the university's mission of introducing both intellectually and practically enriched graduates.

Department of Fine Arts offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in multidisciplinary nature, approaching all the major genres in the field of Fine Arts from aesthetic, sociological, psychological, political, historical points of views. Digital technology and Cultural Heritage Management is also part of the curriculum.

The students who follow the B.A. degree are given the opportunity to specialize in one of the five special streams namely, cinema and television, drama and theatre, music, dancing or painting depending on both their individual choices and qualifications and performances. With the new curriculum change in 2019 the special streams will be more strengthen with theoretical and practical components.

The main focuse of DOFA is to simulate students to become active scholars and artists the field of cimena & TV, dance, drama, music & painting. Conducting researchers in this fields is also a key focus in the curriculum.

The building spaces of DOFA are more than just class rooms, they are the place where artistic visions become reality through academic and research works.Currently it also include a film room with audio visual editing facilities, music room, painting room, lecture rooms with smart boards and audio visual facilities. The extensive workshops regarding main subject streams have been designed to focus the various approaches and processes for students.

Lecturers attached to DOFA (permanent, temporary and visiting) are devoted to utilize their intellectual capacity and professional background in order to provide the students with not only a thorough academic foundation, but also a competitive practical training with involving and empowering them to select their research and creative paths.


Department of Fine Arts