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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Criterion-vise working groups

  1. Governance and Management
  2.       Tier 1- Professor Prasad Sethunge
         Tier 2- Dr. A.S.T Rajapakse
         Assisting member- Mr. G.G.J.W Ahmed

  3. Strength and Quality of Staff
  4.      Tier 1- Dr. K.M.R. Karunarathne
         Dr. T.N. Vidanage
         Tier 2- Dr. R. Ramesh
         Assisting member- Ms. Hasini Disanayaka

  5. Curriculum Design and Development
  6.      Tier 1- Prof. T M.S.S.K.Y. Ekanayake
         Tier 2- Miss N. Seneviratne
         Assisting member- Mr. Hasarel Theekshana Athukorala

  7. Teaching and Learning
  8.      Tier 1- Ms. K.M.R.N. Kulathunga
         Tier 2- Dr. R. M.K. Kumarihamy
         Assisting member- Ms. Amanthee Pussepitiya

  9. Resources, student support and Progression
  10.      Tier 1- Mr. Aswin Wickramasooriya
         Tier 2- Dr. Mahlon P. Rambukkange
         Assisting member- Ms. Manusha Jayasinghe

  11. Student Assessment and Awards
  12.      Tier 1- Dr. K.S.H.M.V.W.W. Senevirathne
         Tier 2- Dr. Ven. Mutthuketiyawe Indarathana
         Assisting member- H.G.M. Palipana

  13. Postgraduate studies, Research, Innovation Commercialization
  14.      Tier 1- Dr. P. K. Seelagama
         Tier 2- Ms. H. Lekamwasam
         Assisting member- Miss. N.M.B.P.K. Karunathilaka

  15. Distance Education
  16.      Tier 1- Dr. M. S. P. Alawathukotuwa
         Tier 2- Rev. Dr. Madurawala Sobhitha
         Assisting member- Ms. O. A. Rajapaksha

  17. Community Engagement, Consultancy and Outreach
  18.      Tier 1- Prof. Muditha Prasanjith Perera
         Tier 2- Ms. S. S. Hewawasam
         Assisting member- Ms. A.H.G.I. Madhuwanthi

  19. Quality Assurance
  20.      Tier 1- Dr. P.R.K.A. Vitharana
         Tier 2- Dr. A.D.H.K. Kankanamge
         Assisting member- Ms. D C P Dombagolla