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The Department of Philosophy is one of the earliest departments which was established in the University of Ceylon. The Department was started in 1950 with Professor TRV Murthi (author of The Central Philosophy of Buddhism) as its first Head. In 1952 the University was shifted from Colombo to Peradeniya. After 1953 Ms.K.Mathiaparanam acted as the Head of The Department until Prof.KN Jayathilake (author of Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge) became Professor and Head in 1964. Prof Padmasiri de Silva (author of Freudian and Buddhist Psychology) became Professor and Head of the Department in 1972. Prof.R D Gunaratne (author of Truth, Science and Understanding) became the Head of Department in 1989. He introduced the Special Degree programme in Psychology in 1990. Prof. A D P Kalansuriya (author of Wittgenstein and Problems of Philosophy [in sinhala]) assumed the Headship in 1996. Prof.G.Dharmasiri (author of the A Buddhist Critique of the Christianity Concept of God) became Head of the Department in 2001. Dr .D.D.Mallikarachchi ( author of the Karl Marx and Buddha ) was appointed as the Head of the Department in August, 2004. Dr.M.S.M.Anes assumed the headship in April, 2005. Ms.M.Gunasekara assumed the headship in March, 2011. Dr.Danesh Karunanayake become the Head of the Department in 2012.