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Dr. MDS Pushpakumara

Senior Lecturer (Grade I)

B.A (Hons) M.Phil. (Pdn) Ph.D. (Masaryk)

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About Me

I entered University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1994 and passed out with a First Class Honours degree in Philosophy in 1998. Immediately after graduation in 1999, I joined Philosophy Department, University of Peradeniya as an assistant lecturer. In 2000, I was appointed as a probationary lecturer in Philosophy Department.In 2008, I completed M.Phil. degree, and I was promoted as a senior lecturer Grade II in same year. I have been teaching number of courses both at the undergraduate and post graduate level. I completed my PhD in 2018



Masaryk University



University of Peradeniya


University of Peradeniya

Current Positions

Senior Lecturer (Grade I) - Department of Philosophy, University of Peradeniya

2019 - To Present

Positions Held

Lecturer - Department of Philosophy, University of Peradeniya


Assistant Lecturer - Department of Philosophy, University of Peradeniya



Philosophy Postgraduate Programme Coordinator - University of Peradeniya


Part-Time Senior Student Counsellor, - Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya


Member of the Faculty Curriculum Review Committee - Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya


FND Course Coordinator, - Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya



Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (EXPERT III) - PhD


ISLE Wilhelm Fellowship -


Charles de Abrew Prize for Philosophy -


University Scholarship -




Saman Pushpakumara, 'The Tremendous Power of the Negative: Hegelian Heritage in German, French, British and American Philosophical Traditions'.


Pushpakumara, Saman (2011) Postmodernism: Paradox or Dialectics (in Sinhala) (co-authored with AnupaNandula and Deepthi Kumara Gunarathena), Sri Lanka Vanguard Party Publication, Rathmalana

Pushpakumara, Saman (2007) Enjoyment and Struggle (in Sinhala) (co-authored with Deepthi Kumara Gunarathne and Ruwan Kumara), Vanguard Party Publication, Rathmalana


Pushpakumara, Saman (2014) ‘Edmund Husserl’s Transcendence of Early Buddhist Theory of Consciousness’ in International Journal of Business and Social Research, Volume-4, No.3, MIR Center for Socio-Economic Research, USA, PP. 55-65.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2013) ‘Psychology in Sri Lankan Context with Special Reference to University Curriculum’ in Historical and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Psychology, eds. Evelin Witruk and Arndt Wilcke, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, pp.215-229.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2011) ‘Ontological Critique of Maname and Sinhabahu’ (in Sinhala) in MahaNaluwakaAdasiyawasa. eds. LiyanageAmarakeerthi, AthulaSamarakoon and Sunil Wikramasinghe, Art Council, University of Peradeniya, pp.111-17.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2011) ‘Pseudo forms of Deconstruction’ (in Sinhala) in Thrimana, May/June, pp. 37-65.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2010) ‘For the Development of Marxist Art Criticism’ (in Sinhala) in PeradigaSulan, pp. 233-251.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2009) ‘Heidegger’s Engagement with Nazism’ (in Sinhala) in Thrimana, March/April, pp.21-26.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2004) ‘Language Acquisition: A Dialogue Between Saussure, Piaget and Skinner’ (in Sinhala) Induwara, Professor A.D.P. Kalansooriya Felicitation Volume, Ariya Press, pp. 513-540.

Pushpakumara, Saman (2000) ‘Anti-Feminist Baconian Ideology’ (in Sinhala) in Sambasha, Ministry of Education, pp.161-171.


Peradeniya University International Research Session (iPURSE 2014)

‘Hegel in 20th century Continental Philosophy: A Philosophical and Historical Study’, 4th and 5th July 2014.

International Buddhist Conference 2012

'Ontology of Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism: A Philosophical Study’, BuddhasravakaBhiksu University, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, 17th, 18th and 19thFebruary 2012.

The 4th Research Conference

‘Husserl and Buddhist Phenomenology’, The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, 25th and 26thMarch 2011.

‘Psychology in Sri Lankan context’ International Workshop

University of Leipzig, Germany, 20TH and 21ST November 2009.

Research Interests

German Idealism, Marxism, Phenomenology, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Political Economy, Philosophy of Science, Methodology of Social Sciences